IS Arbonne A Pyramid Scheme?

Is Arbonne A Pyramid Scheme?


Arbonne pyramid scheme? You decide after hearing the facts

Arbonne International was founded in 1975 in the USA. Some say it was founded in 1980, but we are close enough for this article. It is a skin care, cosmetics, and nutrition company. All of the usual suspects for an mlm company.

Their story is like most other mlm companies in that they have a concern for you and the environment. They use buzzwords like empower, flourish, and many others.

Getting past all that, let’s just dive into the nitty gritty of the Arbonne compensation plan and how you can sign up with Arbonne.

How To Get started

Preferred Client:

Here it is from their website:

By joining Arbonne as a Preferred Client, your startup fee of $25 (free with orders of $225+ RRP) gives you access to exclusive deals and special offers on clean products that support a healthier mind, strong body and beautiful skin — and overall healthy living. Plus, all orders of $225+ RRP earn you free shipping and a free gift!

So really, just to get a 20% discount, you have to buy $225 worth of products. Based on the prices of their products, that is easy done.


Independent Consultant:

• Earn up to a 35% retail commission on your personal product
sales to your Clients
• Earn up to a 15% retail commission on Preferred Client
(PC) sales
• NO mandatory minimum purchase requirements and
NO inventory requirements
• Place orders for your Clients directly from
with no need to keep inventory on hand
• Run your business from your phone wherever you are, in
person or virtually
• Weekly commission payments on your sales (monthly
commission payments on your team’s sales)
• $65 AUD / $75 NZD sign-up fee (annual renewal fee is
$39 AUD / $45 NZD) And if you change your mind, call us for
a 100% refund on your sign-up fee and no-hassle returns on
any unopened product!
• 35% discount on personal product orders and 45% discount
on personal orders that are over 400 Qualifying Volume

These are all of the features per their website. It’s not a bad start. The sign up fee is less than $100USD and no inventory requirements!

Let’s look at the compensation plan in detail.

The first thing I notice is a contradiction between their website “selling” of becoming an independent consultant and what a consultant must do to get paid. Of course there is the difference between wholesale and retail and a commission on all of your preferred clients. Most people don’t even get 10 customers in reality.

The contradiction is that they say no minimum purchases to get paid, but in their “Success” plan, they state you must purchase 150PQV or 500 PQV to get overrides!

PQV = Personal qualifying volume

Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV): PQV equals the QV from
products sales through your Arbonne account and the product
sales to your personally registered Clients and Preferred Clients

I took that right from the site. After really reading it in depth, they do encourage retail and preferred clients. Although, I do believe most would just buy their own items through the website!

One of the items that is key to NOT being a pyramid scheme is “can I make more money than the person who signed me up”.

Looking at the first level of the Arbonne compensation plan, they almost lock in that you can make more money than your sponsor!

If I would enroll my aunt, for example and she would get promoted to a higher level than me, all of her volume does not count for me! My personal opinion is that that is “wrong” in one sense, but on the other hand, it creates a situation where my Aunt can definitely make more!

This was one of the longest compensation plans I’ve ever seen. You get promoted to more levels than I’ve ever seen.

Each level is more complicated than the last!

But overall, I see nothing that points to a pyramid scheme here.

Arbonne was sued in 2017 by two of it’s distributors claiming the Arbonne is a pyramid scheme and many other similar things. The suit was dismissed and settled out of court.

Like I said, I see no pyramid scheme here. What I do see is a lot of people that that do not understand the game of MLM. You can read more about that by clicking here



Can You Earn Money In MLM?

Can You Make Money In MLM?


The simple answer is yes, you can. But what does it take to earn money in mlm?


Here are the top 3 reasons why people do earn money:


  1. They understand the game – Yes, it is a game. Just like any other money making venture. You have a job. The game is to show up and do your job. If you do that you will get paid.


If you own a business, you job is to have great products and customer service. You also must get customers. You do these things, you get paid.


This is the case in mlm. The game is two fold, if you want to be legal! One, you must make retail sales. Two, you must recruit others to be a part of the company. This is a business, not a hobby and you must treat it as such.


Most people fail at this point, partly their fault and partly the company’s fault. They are told it is easy. Just go out and share and people will sign up and you will make millions. While it is true if people sign up you will make money, most people are not sales people nor do they know how to “share” in a way that will get them recruits.


  1. They know how to close – Close the sale. Close the recruit. This is a skill that anyone can learn. The problem is, most people do not want to learn it….bad enough. In my 40 years of being in the mlm industry, I have seen tons of people who want to get rich or at least, financially independent. However, they were not closers nor did they want to learn the skill. They just relied on their uplines to “close” people for them. Bring people to a meeting, we will convince them to sign up was the mantra given to may new people.


I personally struggled with closing in my first mlm venture. I could show the plan. I could get people to talk to me, but I did not sign up one person in over 5 years. Was this the company’s fault? No. It was mine. Once I invested in myself and learned the skill of closing, I did just fine…but in another company. I personally know many people who earn money in mlm and they all invest in their skills.

If you want to learn to close sales CLICK HERE and get assistance from my business coach who specializes in mlm.


  1. You must stick in it – This is a technical term meaning go the distance. I see many people jump from one company to another and wonder why they never succeed. The internet is full of memes that show people quitting just before the breakthrough. This also leads to people not believing a word you say. Oh no, what is he selling now? If you have heard that from people, you are a jumper. The best way to stop, is to stop jumping. Find a company and a product that you believe in and stick to it.


Once you find the company, keep going and learn to make short term and long term goals. It is best to go with an established company rather than a start up. Check out the top mlm companies by clicking here.



Is Young Living A Pyramid Scheme?

Is Young Living A Pyramid Scheme?


Young Living Essential oils was founded in 1993 and has become a major player in the health and wellness business category.


Gary and Mary Young started their first farm and distillery in 1994 and distributes essential oils internationally.


Young Living comes in at #9 of the top MLM companies list in 2021 with 2.0 Billion in Revenue.


Just as a reminder, an illegal pyramid scheme contains some of these characteristics


  • You cannot make more than the person who sponsored you
  • You only get paid to recruit
  • No product exists or no product is being sold
  • Commissions are based only on recruits
  • Large sign up fee or front loading of inventory
  • There should be a strong retail aspect – Gaining customers





This sign up discussion applies only to the USA signups


Preferred Customer:


You can sign up to shop Young Living products and enjoy member rewards.


Once you enroll another person, you automatically become a business member.


They are calling a business builder a Brand Partner on their web site. It does look like you have to buy a small business essentials kit for $29.95


This gives you company literature and some goal tracking papers.


You do, however, have to earn 100PV to get 24% off all products. This equates to about $165.00


So all up, it is still under $200 USD to get started in Young Living.


This is far below the threshold of a typical pyramid scheme.





Beyond the fast start bonuses, trips, and other periodic incentives, Young Living’s compensation plan is based on a five level payout.


You earn a percentage of all the group volume in each level – 8% 5% 4% 4% 4%


There are 7 qualification levels and you only get paid down 5 levels hen you reach the 4th qualification (Executive).


This “unilevel” method of payout is typical of many other MLM’s.


In order to get paid, you must personally purchase 100PV of oils per month. (about $165).


One of the key factors I look at when analyzing compensation programs is the ability for a person to earn more than the person who enrolled them.


If that cannot happen (as in the corporate world), it is definitely a pyramid scheme.


In Young Living, I could personally enroll more people than my enroller and based on the compensation plan, I will earn more money. The plan rewards you more for personal enrollments than group enrollments.


Nowhere in the compensation plan do I see any payment for simply recruiting someone. The closets to it would be their fast start bonus. But that is based on volume purchased, although some critics could try to twist it!

CLICK HERE for Young Living Compensation Plan PDF




Unfortunately, there are not retail sales requirements in Young Living. It goes against the FTC’s 10 customer rule established when they investigated Amway. There is no requirement from the FTC, but they do take that into consideration if an investigation is launched.


Young Living members can (and do) sell to retail customers. I was a retail customer for a long time before becoming a member. This is the way most members start. According to Young Living, about 89% of their members are in it to get a discount on their own oils and make some sales along the way.





The simple answer is YES. The practicality is, most do not. In fact, in 2021, the average gross annual income of 89% of their members was only $3.


I have personally coached a few people in Young Living and have about 50 or so tax clients in Young Living. The key is finding people who like the benefits of the oils. I would say 1 out of 4 people will do something with the business. The 3 out of 4 will either be retail clients or members.


The fact is that the oils are high quality and high priced. They do have benefits and I would not classify this as a pyramid scheme.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!



Is MLM A Pryamid Scheme?

Is MLM a Pyramid


Ever since Amway started in 1959, the world has targeted them and all other mlm’s as pyramids.


Let’s have a deep dive into this subject. I believe the MLM has gotten a bad rap due to some bad apples and a ton of misinformation!




Beyond the geometrical definition, a pyramid is a business structure wherein one person is at the top and each level below people are added into smaller pyramids. The premise is that each person keeps recruiting others and they keep recruiting and so on and so on.


Based on popular opinion, the person at the top gets compensated on everybody below him. Then each person below him, gets compensated for the people below him, and so on.


The term Multi-Level Marketing is derived from this structure where people are positioned below other people. The term pyramid only really refers to the shape of the structure.




The simple explanation of an illegal pyramid is a business structure whereby people ONLY get paid for recruiting others and you can NEVER make more money than the person who recruited you.


That is the basic test of is it legal or not.


The Amway Corporation went through a rigorous lawsuit in 1979 by the FTC regarding accusations of operating an illegal pyramid scheme. Amway won the battle and here’s why:


  • Distributors were not paid to recruit people
  • It did not require distributors to buy a large amount of inventory
  • Distributors were required to maintain 10 retail customers
  • The company had to buy back excess inventory if requested


Another red flag is if you have to pay a “sign on” fee to join a company. This sign up fee should be no more than $100. Amway has none to be a distributor. Prepaid Legal (now known as Legal Shield) had some problems as the were asking for $495. This money was paid to upline people (your sponsor and people above him) as a “training” bonus. However, very little training was done and, in reality, it was a recruiting fee. That’s what stung Pre-Paid Legal.




Technically, yes! Think about it for a moment. In the picture below, you will see the layers (or levels) of a corporation. What does it look like? A pyramid!


Now, I do not remember from my corporate days and employee at the bottom EVER making more than the CEO. Nor do I believe it would ever happen.


It’s interesting that the same people who put down multi-level marketing companies work for a pyramid!





Yes, I believe you can. First off, many people come into and out of MLMs. There is usually no one person sitting at the top of everybody involved. The company itself adds/sponsors/recruits people into the company and then builds another team from there. They do this because a true pyramid structure would collapse under any compensation plan.


I’ve been involved in several MLM’s over the years. The first was Amway of course and then several after that.


I joined a company called Eniva and I set out to prove once and for all that I could make more money than the person who sponsored me.

I recruited personally and helped other on my team over 500 people in one year. I also retailed many bottles of the VIBE, that I still use to this day!


And guess what? I made more money each month than the person who sponsored me. I also stopped recruiting and selling after that year and I still got a referral check for 6 years after based on the sales and recruiting of the people that I brought in.


In order to really prove this to yourself, you should study the compensation plans of any company that you are considering. The basic concept is that a company cannot, and does not pay to infinity. This alone proves that you can only make so much from this structure and people below you can make more.




Misinformation is everywhere. It is part of free speech. I can say almost anything I want until I make a false claim or I damage someone.


The MLM industry, still to this day, continues to have people say it is a pyramid scheme. I guess companies like Amway, Mary Kay, and the like just don’t have the time nor energy to sue people.

Pyramid scheme Lularoe has been the most recent to come under scrutiny. Their big problem was the massive inventory required. Other than that, it seemed to be ok. I have to do some more investigation into it.


Take the time to sift and sort through the information and you will find that 99% of the companies are legitimate. It’s always the bad apples that spoil the bunch!



Top 10 MLM Companies for 2022

The Top 10 MLM Companies for 2022 – USA

#1. Amway

Amway has been number 1 in the USA for well over 10 years now and even possibly beyond. Founded in 1959, they have enormous brand power and sell every form of consumable you can imagine. Brands include Nutrlite, SA8, and many others. They lead the pack with $8.9 billion USD in revenue for 2021.

#2. Herbalife

Another oldie but goodie, Herbalife was founded in 1980 and boasted $5.80 billion USD for 2021 revenue. Once again consumables , particularly supplements, are a big portion of their sales.

#3. eXp Realty

Started in 2002, eXp Realty grew to $3.8 Billion USD in revenue in 2021. It was a growth leader from 2020 at 111% increase. This company is a real estate brokerage firm that uses a revenue sharing model which is a bit different from the traditional MLM models.

#4. Avon

Believe it or not, Avon has been around since 1886. 2021 revenue $3.4 billion USD. The primary products are consumable cosmetics. They have ventured out into a bigger catalog adding a glassware collection and alot of knick knack (showing my age) items.

#5. Primerica

One of the first financial services MLM’s, Primerica comes in at $2.71 billion USD in revenue. Started in 1977, it was initially just insurance but now has expanded to a full service financial service company.

#6. Melaleuca

Not far behind Primerica, Melaleuca is at $2.70 billion USD and was founded in 1985. One of the first essential oil companies, they concentrated on Melaleuca oil until expanding into other oils and a line of household products.

#7. Nuskin

Despite lawsuit problems in 2016, Nuskin still is in the top 10 at $2.69 billion USD in revenue for 2021. Skin care and supplements are the primary products. They were the first to come out with a Biophotonic scanner used to tell if your supplements were actually working.

#8. Mary Kay

Yet another oldie but goodie, Mary Kay started in 1963 and continues to be a well recognized brand in America. 2021 revenue comes in at $2.60 billion USD. Cosmetics has been the staple product from day one. It appeals to many women who want the pink cadillac experience. It is one of the easiest companies to earn a free car.

#9. Young Living

Otherwise known as Young Living Essential Oils, it was founded in 1993 and produces high quality essential oils used for a range of ailments. Revenue for 2021 was $2.0 billion USD. Young Living has very loyal distributors and now is in a rivalry with Doterra! CLICK HERE for detail on Young Living

#10. Forever Living Products

Rounding out the top 10 is Forever Living Products, a privately held multi-level marketing company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, which manufactures and markets aloe vera-based drinks and bee-derived cosmetics, dietary supplements, and personal care products. 2021 revenue was $2.0 billion USD.

That wraps up the top 10 mlm’s for 2022. All but 2 experienced positive growth from 2020 to 2021. What will be interesting is to see the growth (or decline) from 2021 to 2022 considering the pandemic! MLM’s tend to increase during tough times. We will see.



Worldventures Bankruptcy and Business Problems

Worldventures, the travel club that promised money-making opportunities and access to exclusive vacations, is going through some severe financial trouble. In a short time, things went from bad to worse at Worldventures.


As you may know, Worldventures filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September 2020. This was a massive blow to the morale of its reps, and many saw it as a red flag. Fewer people were interested in joining the club after this news broke, which only made things worse for those still involved with Worldventures.

There are some solutions to help you avoid these problems if they arise within your business or club:

* If an investor or lender becomes concerned about your company’s financial health, find out what he wants from you before making any major decisions on how to proceed.
* Don’t make any rash decisions without consulting legal counsel first!
* If you’re considering bankruptcy or considering closing down your business due to financial hurdles, you may first want to explore all tax deductions for MLM companies.
* If you’re part of an MLM company, the IRS has a list of tax deductions for MLM companies that can be filed as an expense.
* The list includes things like travel, advertising, and recruitment expenses. It also includes business equipment, office supplies, and computers. The IRS has even created a guide for MLM companies on how to file taxes appropriately.


No matter what you do, whether investing or playing the stock market, risks are always involved. Some people have lost their life savings trying to make money in the stock market. So if you use Worldventures as your business opportunity, be sure you’re getting all the facts first.

Worldventures has been sued in ten states and asked to stop operating in more! They were recently sued by members who claim that Worldventures is a scam and has been operating illegally for years.


Worldventures is a company that offers travel packages. They sell these packages through the direct selling model and are members of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). This means they provide financial benefits to their independent representatives, who earn commissions by recruiting others into the business.

Direct selling companies like Worldventures have been around for many years and continue to grow as more people look for alternatives to traditional employment. While direct sales companies have traditionally been considered pyramid schemes, but you need to understand that this is no longer true. The DSA has strict rules that its members must follow to comply with federal regulations and avoid being considered a pyramid scheme.


The COVID 19 virus severely impacted air travel in 2019, which meant that many people could not travel internationally and decided not to do so. This included Worldventures customers who were about to go on trips with the company. Worldventures experienced a huge drop in sales due to this phenomenon and went bankrupt.


Worldventures’ clubs began shutting down in September 2020. By the end of that year, Worldventures clubs closed worldwide. The company plans to expand its online presence through new and improved marketing campaigns. Still, at this point, it’s unclear how much money or time Worldventures will be able to invest into these campaigns before its bankruptcy proceedings begin.


In March 2020, Worldventures began stalling payments to members. This was due to a problem with the company’s bank, which had been experiencing issues in processing credit card transactions.

The delay resulted from a problem with the company’s bank, which had been experiencing issues in processing credit card transactions. The company is trying to protect its reputation, business model, and assets by preventing members from learning about the issues or leaving their membership.


Yes. Whether or not you should invest in WorldVentures depends on your goals. If you’re looking for a reliable way to make money, WorldVentures is probably not the right fit. It may be in the future, but right now, it’s too hot to be worth your time and money. If, however, you’re interested in traveling more often than usual and seeing new places with friends or family members—and willing to put up with some of the drawbacks of being an affiliate— WorldVentures could be for you!


As you may have heard, Worldventures was in financial trouble and had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Well, it looks like the company has been saved from that fate. A private equity firm called Verona International Holdings injected $82.5 Million into the company to help facilitate its reorganization. The subsidiary of Verona Group purchased a majority stake in Worldventures’ former parent company, WorldVentures Holding Inc., which owns WorldVentures Inc., as well as several other companies under different names.


The short answer is yes, Seacret did buy WorldVentures. If you’re unfamiliar with this company, it’s a wellness and lifestyle brand that sells a wide range of products directly to consumers. For example, health and beauty products; supplements like vitamins and fish oil; other nutritional supplements; cookbooks; fitness equipment and exercise gear; clothing/fashion accessories —everything! They also have an online store where you can buy their products. They don’t sell any “official” Worldventures travel packages or trips through their website, though (at least not anymore).


Worldventures has been sued in multiple states, including New York, for breach of contract and fraud. In some cases, Worldventures has been asked to stop operating in additional states due to concerns about its business practices and consumer complaints. Most of these lawsuits have been filed by individuals who participated in Worldventures’ travel club program as a member or affiliate marketer.


Worldventures is still operational but has left behind a trail of bad debts and broken dreams. Customers who invested with Worldventures are out of luck, as their money is probably gone for good. Unless there’s some miracle that allows people to get back their money from this company, it looks like investors will be out of luck forever.

Maskcara Company Reviews and Compensation Plan Overview

Welcome to my in-depth Maskcara Beauty review. I’m sure you’re sick of Maskcara Beauty evaluations that don’t provide you with enough knowledge to make an informed selection. Or maybe you are just doing your homework since someone contacted you about a business venture or merchandise.

Maskcara Beauty Company offers skincare goods to clients for their updating. Aside from offering cosmetic items, this organization offers a commission-based income possibility to interested customers. Any user may join the program and sell various firm things to earn a commission.

Whatever the case may be, you are here, and so is all the Maskcara Beauty knowledge you want. You have previously demonstrated that you treat personal judgment carefully and are hungry for further achievement. Furthermore, it is generally preferable to consider all of the information.

You would have come to verify the real color of the Maskara company to earn money. You may be motivated to earn an income from home after hearing about the Maskcara opportunity.

So you instantly worry if Maskcara was a fraud. I’ll take you out of your pain as soon as possible. Maskcara is not a hoax. If it is true, is this a legitimate chance to work from home and quit your full-time job?

Well, I applaud you for investigating whether Maskcara Beauty is a fraud or a reputable firm. The majority of people would not bother, which is why there are so many objections.

This quality MLM review will address that question, as well as provide numerous advantages and downsides, so you can decide if this is the appropriate MLM for you.

The compensation plan of MASKCARA BEAUTY

The company provides two plans, such as either marketing their items and making a profit, or assembling a team and earning passive commissions.


You can gain a 20% commission if you sell the products of the company after becoming an artist of the Maskcara firm.



You can earn a passive income once you finish the training period. You can have a commission amount for up to 40% depending upon the position of individuals and the total sales made by your company each month.

Maskcara Beauty Review:

* Maskcara is an MLM firm that sells personal grooming items, mostly face cosmetics.
* The firm sells cosmetics but also provides the option to make extra cash from home through its MLM-organized business model.
* This company’s specialization, in my opinion, is the aesthetic or cosmetic niche.
* Cara Brook founded the Maskcara company. You can go through the details of the company online with the help of many websites. Maskara offers its line of branded personal makeup products that focus on 4 categories, such as the face, eyes, skin, compacts, and brushes and tools.

Pros of maskcara company

quality products

Maskcara’s goods look to be quite good based on countless positive Maskcara Beauty client opinions and feedback. Several ladies say the items live up to their standards and are simple to get and administer.

You have several things to pick from. Would you like to become a Maskcara artist? Or else you want to try the company’s wares as a sample offered by the company.

An informative website

The company’s website is informative and well structured, as well as attractive. It is a comprehensive website, so you can learn a lot.

Maskcara worked hard to provide individuals with the critical information they needed to have a better understanding of the organization.

The site also displays the whole bonus program and includes other important resources such as video courses, promotional tools, and other tools.

It does not prioritize recruitment.

Teamwork quickly appears to be the new strategy among most MLM organizations, but not Maskcara.

Before you may receive rewards from recruiting, you must generate at least $800 in sales revenue during the training period.

Although it may be a drawback for you, it ensures that you will not become involved in a giant scam.

Nonetheless, creating a huge sales force is still necessary if you want to make extra money with Maskcara in the near coming days.

Recruitment, like with every MLM organization, is the only way to flourish in this sector.

Cons of the Maskcara company

Costly business

To get started with Maskcara, you must invest $210, and that’s quite a bit given that each package only includes a few things to sell.

This means that even after your early purchases, you will have to dip into your wallet to obtain additional things to offer.

high-investment products

The products are expensive when compared. This expensive product list demotivates many customers from buying.

Tough earning mechanics

Even though the company has an interesting marketing plan, the tough process of earning $800 may not be easy.

No Income Disclosure

It is hard to find an income disclosure for any of the sales professionals of the company.

Monthly sales quota

You will have to obtain a sales quota.

payment option strict

The payment option is not flexible as it is based on No Paylution.

Leads are not massive.

Because the company’s products are not gender-specific, lead availability is limited.

Still an MLM firm,

Despite the fact that the firm’s techniques differ from those of other companies, people perceive it to be an MLM company.

What can you look at Maskcara company?

The investment is minimal, and there is a nominal setup charge.

The company’s operating costs are modest.

There is no need for inventories.

The company’s affiliate-like system assists you in achieving your goals.

The compensation scheme is outstanding.

The firm is still in its early phases of development.

Verdict: Should You Join Maskcara?

Do you enjoy selling cosmetics for a living and working hard? If so, Maskcara Beauty is an alternative. You can try out for the firm based on your abilities and interests. Never join the firm if you have no expertise in selling to large groups of people. Before meeting with consumers, learn about the items. After learning, you can explain it to others in need. Otherwise, the entire procedure would be immoral.

Do you have skills in selling and recruitment? If so, this is the best option for you. If you do not have the basic skills of selling or meeting customers regularly, then you will have to look for some other options.

50 Network Marketing Companies with Small Overview

A network marketing business can either be a multi-tier or single-tier program. A multi-tier program is whereby you hire additional salespeople to market your product. On the other hand, a single-tier program is a situation whereby you sell your products on your own. Based on research, a network marketing company is an online business model that incorporates person-to-person sales. You may need to build a network of trustworthy business partners to help you close sales and drive traffic. There are numerous multi-level marketing companies worldwide; therefore, choosing the best firm will consume your time. You should perform in-depth research based on turnover and productivity. Below are the 50 network marketing companies with small overview:

1. Nu Skin

Nu Skin was formed in the year 1984 in the United States. This MLM company specializes in lotions and spa tools. In addition, this firm sells nutrition supplements. Based on statistics, Nu Skin company has a growth rate of 4% per annum and a $2.69 billion turnover.

2. Natura

Natura is a Brazilian network marketing company that sells skin care products and spa-like soaps. This MLM firm sells eco-friendly cosmetic products. Natura has a growth rate of 1% and a turnover of $7.20 billion. This firm was founded in 1969.

3. Amway

This is among the most lucrative network marketing company, with an $8.9 billion turnover. It was formed in 1959 in the United States. Currently, this firm has a 5% growth rate. Amway company focuses on nutrition and makeup. It sells an array of brands, including eSpring, Nutrilite, iCook, and Artistry.

4. Mary Kay

Mary Kay specializes in the makeup industry. This firm is unique because it offers free consultations and makeup tutorials. It was formed in the United States in the year 1963. Mary Kay has a turnover of $3.6 billion.

5. Herbalife

Herbalife was founded back in 1980 in the United States. This network marketing firm has a turnover of $4.6 billion and a growth rate of 5%. This company sells nutrition and supplement powders all over the United States as well as in Latin America.

6. Avon

Avon is a network marketing company in the United Kingdom. It was formed in the year 1886, and it specializes in cosmetics. This firm has a turnover of $5.7 billion. It’s classified among the most popular makeup multi-level marketing in the United Kingdom. Some of the aspects that make Avon a famous network marketing company include cheap anti-aging creams and eyeliners.

7. Primerica

Primerica was founded in the year 1977, and its headquarters are in Georgia, United States. It’s a financial company with various products, including debt management plans, credit monitoring, insurance, and investment funds. Primerica has a turnover of $1.52 billion.

8. Alphay Int

It was founded back in 2002, and its current turnover stands at $200 million. It’s situated in China, and healthcare is its main product.

9. Perfect 100

The main products for Perfect 100 multi-level marketing company, are laundry products, health solutions, skin care products, and other fast-moving consumer goods. Based on statistics, this firm has a turnover of $3.06 billion. It was established in 1994 in Zhongshan city, China.

10. Jeunesse

Jeunesse is located in the United States, and it was formed back in 2009. Currently, this multi-level marketing company has a turnover of $1.41 billion. This firm sells spa-level treatments, drinks, supplements, etc.

11. Telecom Plus

Telecom Plus is situated in London, England. Some of the products that this company sells include mobile telephony, landline telephony, internet, electricity, gas, and broadband. Telecom Plus has a turnover of $1.12 billion.

12. Tupperware

Tupperware company has a turnover of $2.21 billion. It offers storage solutions and food prep solutions. Tupperware was founded back in 1984 and became famous for promoting Tupperware parties. These parties rewarded partners with savings.

13. Vorwerk

Vorwerk is a German company that was founded in 1883. This firm was formed by brothers: Adolf and Carl Vorwerk. This firm has a great reputation for offering intensely engineered products, including vacuum cleaners and Thermomix cooking appliances. Vorwerk company has a turnover of $4.2 billion.

14. Quanjian

Quanjian is based in Tianjin, China. This firm was formed in 2004. It sells nutritional products and supplements. Recently, this firm was associated with various health claims. Currently, Quanjian has a turnover of $2.89 billion.

15. Infinitus

Infinitus is located in Guangzhou, China. This company was formed in 1992. Currently, this firm has a turnover of $3.95 billion and a growth rate of 0%. Infinitus company sells herbal health solutions.


JoyMain company has a turnover of $1.49 billion. It’s located in china and sells health and nutrition products. JoyMain multi-level marketing firm is located in Miami, United States.

17. Usana

This company sells nutritional products and dietary products. It has a turnover of $1.01 billion. In addition, this firm has sponsored various athletic endeavors.

18. Young Living

Young Living company sells essential oils. It has a turnover of $1 billion, and it’s located in Lehi, Utah.

19. WorldVentures

Worldventures is among the most current multi-level marketing companies. It sells holiday products and travel packages. This firm has a turnover of $926.6 billion.

20. Sun Hope

Sun Hope is a Malaysian company that sells health products, including home-grown supplement formulas and spirulina. Sun Hope has a turnover of $940 million.

21. Pola

Pola is a Japanese company with a turnover of $1.004 billion. It sells cosmetic products, including anti-aging products.

22. DXN

DXN has a turnover of $927.0 million. This firm sells dietary supplements containing enzymes and mushrooms. DXN company is based in Malaysia.

23. Belcorp

Belcorp is based in Peru. It has a turnover of $1.09 billion, and it specializes in perfumes and cosmetics.

24. New Era

New Era company sells home-based and nutrition-based products. It’s located in China and is among the fast-growing multi-level marketing companies.

25. Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy company is located in the United States. It has a turnover of $1.4 billion. It focuses on energy.

26. FLP

FLP company was founded in 1978. Its headquarters are located in the United States. It focuses on nutritional products and has a turnover of $2.7 billion.

27. Oriflame

Oriflame has a turnover of $2.3 billion. It’s situated in the United States. This multi-level marketing company sells kitchen equipment.

28. Rodan Fields

Rodan Field was formed in 2002 and is situated in the United States. This network marketing firm sells skin care products.

29. Stream Energy

Stream Energy company was founded in 2004 in the United States. It has a turnover of $800 million. In addition, its main product is energy.

30. Koya Sha

Koya Sha was formed back in 1926 in Japan. The main products of this MLM company are jewelry and automobile. It has a turnover of $900 million.

31. Nefful USA

The main product of Nefful company is clothing. This company was founded in 1973 in the United States.

32. Isagenix

Isagenix was formed in 2002 in the United States. This firm sells healthcare products all over the USA. It has a turnover of $900 million.

33. Shaklee

Shaklee was started in the year 1956. Its headquarters are in the USA. In addition, its main products are beauty and healthcare products.

34. Team Beachbody

This company was founded in 1998. Approximately its turnover is $900 million. Healthcare products are its main product in the market.

35. Captain Tortue

Captain Tortue is located in the United Kingdom. It was formed in 1993, and its main product is fashion. Based on statistics, its turnover is $700 million.

36. Yanbal

Yanbal has a turnover of $900 million, and it’s located in Peru. Its main products are jewelry and cosmetics.

37. Market America

Market America is situated in the United States. Its main products are cosmetics and health products. It was founded in 1992.

38. Gano Excel

Gano Excel company is located in Malaysia, and it focuses on healthcare products. Currently, its turnover stands at $900 million.

39. ACN

ACN was formed in 1993. This company focuses on two aspects: business and residential. Its main headquarters are in the United States.

40. Miki Prune

Miki Prune company is located in Japan, and it was formed in 1966. Its main product is health care products.

41. Vision Group

Vision Group was founded in 1996. This firm focuses on healthcare products. It’s located in Cyprus, and its turnover stands at $700 million.

42. IT Works

IT Works company was founded in 2001. It’s situated in the United States, and its main products are healthcare and beauty products.

43. Arbonne

Arbonne was founded in 1975 in the United States. Its main product is healthcare products. Currently, its turnover stands at $600 million.

44. Qnet MLM

This firm is situated in Hong Kong. It was founded in 1998. Some of the main products of Qnet MLM company are health, travel, and education products.

45. LR World

LR World is a German company that sells beauty and health products. It was founded in 1985. In addition, its turnover stands at $300 million.

46. Scentsy

Scentsy has a turnover of $500 million, and it specializes in scents. It was founded in 2004 in the United States.

47. Optavia

Optavia multi-level marketing company that sells health products in the United States. It was formed in 1980. Currently, its turnover stands at $200 million.

48. 4 Life

4 Life MLM company was founded in 1998. Its main headquarters are in the United States. According to statistics, its current turnover stands at $300 million.

49. Life Vantage

Life Vantage network marketing company was founded in 2007, and its turnover stands at $200 million. It’s situated in the United States and focuses on healthcare products.

50. For Days

For Days company has a turnover of $400 million, and it’s located in Japan. It focuses on selling beauty and health products.


Above-listed are the top network marketing companies that you should consider. Note that some MLM firms create many tiers of salespeople than others.

31 Tax Write Offs For Network Marketers

While network marketing business owners earn profits, they incur heavily on expenses, unlike other business owners. Therefore, network marketers are eligible for certain tax write-offs for a wide range of expenses. As such, business owners can lower their tax bills by claiming the write-offs relevant to their work.

Like other legitimate organizations, network marketers can benefit from tax write offs. If you are into the network marketing business, this post on tax write offs for network marketers helps you understand how to maximize these deductions and reduce the amount that you owe to the government.


The first and foremost reason for tax write offs for network marketers is because the federal government considers them legitimate. Therefore, they qualify for tax deductions the same way other businesses tend to enjoy. Besides, they are a great passive income source as well.

In addition, the more people you hire for your organization, you need to take care of less workload that you would have to personally shoulder otherwise. However, they need a significant amount of capital and expenses to maintain business. That way, it benefits you when writing off certain expenses in your tax report.


The first thing to get started is to make sure that your organization is registered with the IRS as an official business. Some of the guidelines include opting for a corporate structure, following state business regulations, and making your employees file Form W4 and Form I9.

However, if you operate your network business from home, don’t forget to file the same under home business forms. You can save on your income by opting for Form 8829 which allows you to write off expenses for the business use of your home.

Apart from that, you can file for Schedule C which keeps a record of income and losses. On the other hand, the independent distributors are treated as self-employed. Therefore, they have to file Form 1040 and Schedule SE. The former keeps track of individual tax information, whereas the latter determines the self-employment tax.


The best part is that IRS considers several costs as tax deductions for businesses and that includes network businesses as well. Both independent distributors and organizers of the network business can deduct certain expenses. Here they are explained in brief.


As you know, promotions and advertising constitute the largest expenses that you may need to incur as a network marketer. These might include newspaper ads, flyers, information packets that are delivered by hand, free samples, business cards, CDs, videos, and product testing.


Certain types of fees are provided either monthly or yearly. Also, there are commission structures that needed to distribute to up line or down line.


Office supplies constitute another big expense head and you can fully deduct the same for your network marketing business. The supplies might include legal pads, paper clips, index cards, staples, staplers, pens, pencils, file folders, and many more. Other office expenses include bank charges, computer supplies, form and receipt books, printing, postage, internet, day planner, and web pages.


The amount of money paid to children when they help with things such as cleaning the office, stuffing envelopes, delivering products and flyers, and so on.


The costs of products sold in terms of both retail and wholesale. Also, they include the products that are bought for introduction into business.


The costs incurred to ship or mail products.


Supplies that demonstrate products, refreshments for meetings, product samples, tapes, motivational materials, brochures, catalogs, and different types of order forms.


Meals with certain potential clients or even associates or buying tickets to events or movies with clients or arranging for them separately comes under entertainment expenses.


Parking, car hire, cab fare, airfare, hotels, trip log, or even cleaning your home while away are included.


Repairing done to equipment such as computers or other office equipment.


Lease or rent of the building, refreshments, handouts, etc.


All kinds of equipment, vehicles, computers, or office furniture that costs more than $200.

13. RENT

The rental fees incurred for rooms for meetings, technical equipment, booth for shows, equipment, etc.


Seminars, conferences, classes, books, and tapes.


Rent for a booth, gifts to downline and hostess, sample, and so on


The subscription fees are due to organizations and magazines that are a necessity for your business and trade.


Receipts for your tax preparation, computer programs, and accounting kit.

18. KITS

Purchase of initial kits required to join and other additional kits purchased as well.


The amount of money returned to the clients when they give back the products or damaged products.


Taxes on sales, payroll, and property. Also, as professional, business, city, and state licenses.


The expenses include protective clothing and uniforms. Also, it includes clothing when they are worn out.


Property, health, vehicle, liability, professional, and in some cases, life insurance as well.


All kinds of equipment, vehicles, computers, or office furniture that cost more than $200.


These might include long-distance calls or cell phone calling on home phone and extra phone lines on home for internet, fax, or business.


Typically, it is a separate room in your house where you conduct business and accounting. Also, it includes a percent of office décor, cleaning supplies, mortgage interest, property tax, homeowners insurance, utility bills, etc.


It involves the mileage when picking up products, office supplies, meetings, and other expenses.


Appraisers, inspectors, accountants, attorneys, etc.


Specific gifts to downline, associates, and clients.


Machinery, car, etc. usage over some time.


Salaries, benefits, or vacation pay


Donations to qualifying organizations can help you with your corporate tax return.

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