Can You Earn Money In MLM?

Can You Make Money In MLM?


The simple answer is yes, you can. But what does it take to earn money in mlm?


Here are the top 3 reasons why people do earn money:


  1. They understand the game – Yes, it is a game. Just like any other money making venture. You have a job. The game is to show up and do your job. If you do that you will get paid.


If you own a business, you job is to have great products and customer service. You also must get customers. You do these things, you get paid.


This is the case in mlm. The game is two fold, if you want to be legal! One, you must make retail sales. Two, you must recruit others to be a part of the company. This is a business, not a hobby and you must treat it as such.


Most people fail at this point, partly their fault and partly the company’s fault. They are told it is easy. Just go out and share and people will sign up and you will make millions. While it is true if people sign up you will make money, most people are not sales people nor do they know how to “share” in a way that will get them recruits.


  1. They know how to close – Close the sale. Close the recruit. This is a skill that anyone can learn. The problem is, most people do not want to learn it….bad enough. In my 40 years of being in the mlm industry, I have seen tons of people who want to get rich or at least, financially independent. However, they were not closers nor did they want to learn the skill. They just relied on their uplines to “close” people for them. Bring people to a meeting, we will convince them to sign up was the mantra given to may new people.


I personally struggled with closing in my first mlm venture. I could show the plan. I could get people to talk to me, but I did not sign up one person in over 5 years. Was this the company’s fault? No. It was mine. Once I invested in myself and learned the skill of closing, I did just fine…but in another company. I personally know many people who earn money in mlm and they all invest in their skills.

If you want to learn to close sales CLICK HERE and get assistance from my business coach who specializes in mlm.


  1. You must stick in it – This is a technical term meaning go the distance. I see many people jump from one company to another and wonder why they never succeed. The internet is full of memes that show people quitting just before the breakthrough. This also leads to people not believing a word you say. Oh no, what is he selling now? If you have heard that from people, you are a jumper. The best way to stop, is to stop jumping. Find a company and a product that you believe in and stick to it.


Once you find the company, keep going and learn to make short term and long term goals. It is best to go with an established company rather than a start up. Check out the top mlm companies by clicking here.



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