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Young Living Lawsuits

Just like any other mlm out there, Young Living has had it’s share of legal trouble.

In this blog post, I am going to review the Young Living Lawsuits and distill them (ha ha) into everyday language and make some sense of them.

Class Action Lawsuit Filed 1/20/21

This lawsuit alleges that the Young Living Essential Oils provide no health nor medicinal benefit and people purchased the products based on these claims:

  • Promote feelings of calm and relaxation;
  • Help consumers sleep;
  • Reduce anxiety;
  • Provide clarity, focus and/or alertness;
  • Energize; and
  • Improve consumers’ mood and increase their motivation.

Young Living lawsuit

The big no no was that the products were labeled “therapeutic grade”. So, sites that are, what I call, bashing sites put all of this out there and are used to collect people into the class action suit. What’s even more interesting is that the person bringing the suit purchased oils for 4 years. I don’t think it would take 4 years to figure out if they did or did not have any benefit.

In the end the suit was dismissed. The judge referred to the labeling as “puffery” and that any reasonable consumer could not rely on the vague advertising.

To me this is a wake up to any Young Living distributor to watch what they say and be very general.


Young Living Pyramid Scheme Lawsuit

Julie O’Shaughnessy, in 2019, brought a lawsuit alleging that Young Living operates a pyramid scheme and she, and others, have lost thousands of dollars.

is young living a pyramid scheme

Just as in other MLM lawsuits, the word pyramid shows up hundreds of times and claims that they were forced, somehow, to keep spending money.

The lawsuit just rambled on about arbitration and really looked like a waste of time. I saw some writings that it was dismissed, but cannot see any court document. On the flipside, if they would have won, Young Living would be out of business.


Young Living Warning Letter June 2022

Young Living received a warning letter from the FDA regarding some of their products, notably the CBD product. The FDA is always on the lookout for people making claims (except for big Pharma) about what supplements can or cannot do.

What’s interesting is they called the YL products unregistered drugs because people on websites and social media were saying that the oils helped with things like sniffles and kidney stones.

I guess I best be careful if I put on my website that Lemonade took away my kidney stones!!!

I believe this type of letter is to just keep a check on supplement companies so that they don’t go too far in their claims.

Of course Young Living replied and the information was taken off the sites.

I did my own snooping around the internet and didn’t really see anything that would make the FDA go crazy. I feel that they are worried people just might take their health into their own hands. Just sayin.

Well that wraps up the Young Living Lawsuits. If you know of any more, just leave a link in the comments.





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