Youngevity’s long-running dispute against Wakaya Perfection and several individual defendants, has come to an end.

On November 10th a settlement conference was held, revealing agreements had been reached by all parties involved.

As per the November 10th case docket minute entry;

Zoom Settlement Conference held on 11/10/2020.

Any and all causes of action in this case between Youngevity International, Corp., Dr. Joel Wallach, Steve Wallach, Dave Briskie, Michelle Wallach, Wakaya Perfection, Patti Gardner, and Todd Smith were settled.

The terms of the settlement were placed on the record. Negotiations are ongoing regarding all remaining causes of action.

I’m not sure what causes remain outside of the main lawsuit, but I imagine they too will be settled at some point.

Consequently the scheduled November 23rd pre-trial conference has been vacated. And I assume the scheduled March 2021 trial date is off too.

At the time of publication the nature of the settlements is confidential.

Looking forward, a Settlement Conference has been scheduled for November 19th. Whether any settlement details will be made public is unclear.

Youngevity filed suit against Wakaya Perfection way back in 2016. As I’m writing this there are eight hundred and eleven case docket entries.

Wakaya Perfection itself doesn’t exist any more, having been bought out by LaCore Enterprises and rebooted as Bulavita.

In September of this year Youngevity sued Bulavita for trademark infringement, cybersquatting and unfair competition. That case continues.

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