Imagine for a moment you’re sitting here in my home office drinking a cup of coffee with me.

I look at you and ask:

~Firstname~, do you want to be a millionaire?

You: “Yes!”

I look you dead in the eye and with a serious tone ask, “Are you serious about that?

“Yes”, you say a bit timidly.

“Okay ~Firstname~, prove it to me… show me your exact actionable game plan to get there.”

Uhhhhhhh wellllll” you stammer “I don’t really have one.”

This, my friend, is the reason most fail.

Everyone WANTS to be a millionaire.

Most, however, will never achieve it because they’re not serious enough to put together a specific, detailed and actionable game plan to get there.

If you lack that plan, I’m sorry to say that your current destiny says you have almost no chance of achieving millionaire status.

Without a plan, you’re like a ping pong ball in the ocean floating around with no direction.

How Did I Achieve to be a Millionaire at the Age of 29?

The reason I achieved 7 figure status at 29 is because I had a plan to get there. Around age 23, I created a specific plan and focused on it daily.

I’ll be the first to admit, I got derailed countless times.

  • At 25, the company, I became the #1 earner went out of business.
  • At 26, my internet marketing company went $100,000 in debt and I ended up in an ugly legal battle with my former business partner.
  • At 27, the new network marketing company I had become the top earner with made some decisions that decimated the company.

A quote from an old poem comes to mind: “Sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men go awry.

It is likely, okay probable, that no matter what plan you set, you will get derailed.

But remember this quote I heard from my friend Troy Brown:

Plans change. Decisions don’t.

The most important aspect of you becoming a millionaire is that it’s a decision set in stone. No matter what it takes, no matter how many barriers you have to crush through, that WILL be your destiny.

Next, you must (notice I didn’t say “should”) create a specific, detailed and actionable game plan that you look at daily and review & adjust monthly.

You’ll make many adjustments along the way but this is your map and your guide for arriving at your goal.

If you’d like my coaching to create this guide, just pull up my book 7 Secrets to Success and read pages 39-54 and I’ll walk you through the entire process.

If you don’t own it yet, just go here. It’s only $7 and you can download it immediately.

Let’s do BIG things!

Matt Morris
#1 Best Selling Author of The Unemployed Millionaire

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