Consider this…

“Prosperity is the result of radical generosity.”

When I say generosity, I’m not referring to the giving of money. Although it’s certainly a fine thing to be generous with your money.

What I’m really referring to is being radically generous in the giving of yourself.

Here’s what I mean by that.

My mentor, when I met him, went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to coaching, teaching and training. He was the wealthiest guy in the room, but would be the last one to leave every event because he was pouring his energy into those who were hungry for his mentorship.

A lot of my success over the years in network marketing was simply modeling that behavior.

I’ve done my best to apply that principle in my marketing business making sure I go above and beyond with the level of quality and training in the products I sell and it’s done well. A near non-existent refund rate, thousands of happy customers and loads of success stories.

I just tested this radical generosity concept with some astounding results…

I recently did a beta launch of a new social media product for a very small portion of my entire list… just over 1,000 people.

Like always, I made sure the product was amazing. But this time, rather than just launch it and make it available for purchase, I decided to be even more radically generous and give away quite a bit of free training to this group before I asked them to invest.

The result was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Out of just over 1,000 people on this small list, over 300 customers purchased in just the first six hours.

Those of you who do any study of marketing online, to have 30% of a list purchase a product is completely unheard of. Let alone in the first six hours.

Sure the product is great, but I firmly believe the success had everything to do with radical generosity.

So my friend, let that be a lesson and let it stir your mind a bit on how you can implement radical generosity in your career and into your life.

Let’s do BIG things!

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader

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