How much longer?

Quick story:

I went to my first Tony Robbins event when I was broke. It was amazing and I loved every minute of it, even though it pushed me beyond my comfort zone many times.

Towards the end, he did a pitch for his Mastery University which was three more events for $10,000.

At the time, coming up with ten G’s seemed like the equivalent of climbing Mt Everest naked. NO Freaking way it was going to happen!

I really wanted to go.

But I just sat in the back. Watching all the go-getters head over to the table to get signed up.

Just like I watched all the go getters pass me up in network marketing.

I felt defeated.

How I Managed to be Bigger than my Fear and Challenges?

Then something hit me powerfully…

If I don’t take action now… If I don’t head over to the table now… If I don’t overcome my fear now

I’ll never have $10,000.

So I went up to the table and asked if I could put part of the money down on my credit card. They said yes and handed me the form to fill out with, if I remember correctly, a $1,000 deposit.

I grabbed it and walked over to an open spot at the table.

Then fear grabbed me by the throat as I started thinking…

How the hell am I going to come up with $9,000? I don’t even have the $1,000 that I’m putting on my credit card!

I stared at the form paralyzed with fear.

At that point in my life, my lack of $10,000 was more powerful than I was. But if I continued to allow that obstacle to be bigger than me, it would always be bigger than me.

So I decided to step up. 

I filled out that sucker, took a deep breath and handed it in. Scared as hell. But also proud of myself for deciding to be bigger than the obstacle that was in my way.

You see, we always have a choice…

We can be bigger than our challenges. Or our challenges can be bigger than us.

If you let a lack of money keep you from investing in yourself, you’ll always let a lack of money control your life.

A scarcity mindset breeds a life of scarcity.

An abundance mindset breeds a life of abundance.

The reason why average people live average lives is because of average thinking. Average thinking says I’ll invest in myself when I have the extra money to do so.

Above average thinking says I’ll invest in myself now because if I don’t, I’ll never have the money to invest in myself.

Motivation Tip: My friend, if you want things to change, you cannot continue to let your challenges and fears be bigger than your dreams and goals.

I hope you make a commitment today to rise up and live in abundance over scarcity.

Be bigger,

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader

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