Well my friend, here again, I find myself not knowing what to write to you about so I’ll just start…

Yesterday, we hung out by the ocean most of the day. I took my daughters and we swam wayyyyyy out to the orange buoys separating the safe swimming area from the boats. Angelina thought it was pretty hilarious to say “I touched the butt”… Those of you who’ve seen Finding Nemo will understand.

Ah, the message just came to me…

When we were sitting on the rope going between the orange buoys, I thought I’d take a minute for a quick “lessons with Daddy” moment.

“Lina, you were pretty scared to swim all the way out here weren’t you?”

She nodded with a smile.

“How do you feel now?” I asked.

“I’m not scared at all now,” she replied.

“Are you happy you did it?”

“YES!” she beamed.

“Girls, many things in life are going to be like this… You’ll feel scared at first, but when you actually do the thing you’re scared of, you’ll wonder why you were ever scared in the first place.

“Do you know what it’s called when you have fear but you do it anyway” I asked.

“Courage” they said in unison. (We’ve had a few of these Lessons With Daddy moments) ?

“That’s right,” I said with a smile.

I continued, “Girls, the people who succeed in life don’t succeed because they’re any more naturally talented or smarter than others. It’s that they simply had the courage to try when most people were too afraid.”

“Daddy do you think there are any turtles out here?” Zara asked – and suddenly the lesson was over.

I don’t know if they’ll remember our little lesson or not, but on the swim back I thought about the truth of what I said.

Growing up, I was a below average student, below average in popularity, and was definitely not the kid anyone would vote as most likely to succeed.

But because of a burning desire, I had the courage to just keep going in business until I won.

I’ve seen so many people through the years with way more talent than me. But today live average lives punching the time clock because they refused to have the courage to continue trying after failure struck.

I failed so many times I can’t even count. It was incredibly frustrating. I felt defeated and down on myself. There were times when I lost hope and wanted to quit.

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You’ll also learn the mental frameworks and leadership laws that will make you unstoppable in network marketing.

Okay off to breakfast…

Lots of Love,

Matt Morris
#1 Best Selling Author of The Unemployed Millionaire

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