Ever have one of those days when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed?

Ever get so overwhelmed you just want to hide away?

Ever have someone piss you off so much you just feel mad at the whole world?

Well, that’s how I woke up today.

Normally I’m up around 5:30, sucking down a liter of water, making coffee and excited to write you a blog post and conquer the day.

But not today.

I told Devon I feel like I have male PMS.

Yes I’m a motivational speaker. Yes I’m an influencer and people count on me to inspire them and help coach them to the next level.

So why am I sharing this with you?

Because it’s real.

I don’t care who it is… Tony Robbins, Ed Mylett, Brendon Burchard

EVERYONE has their down moments.

But what separates the peak performers from the rest is that the peak performers refuse to stay down!


I’m going to give you two things… one’s a little deep and the other very simple.

Let’s start with deep:

First, realize that whatever emotion you’re feeling, you invented.

This morning…

I was feeling depressed. I invented that.

If you were to cut my brain open, cut my heart open, or cut my body open, you’re not going to see depression.

It’s what I made up.

Now listen, I know there are people who will never say depression is created and that it’s purely something that happens to you without anything you’ve done. My views are probably contrary to what most psychologists will tell you and I’m not even saying it’s true for everyone.

It’s just what I choose to be 100% true for me.

If I take the stance that my feeling of depression is a disease that can’t be controlled without drugs, that makes me helpless and strips me of any power I have to overcome it.

I choose to believe that I have the power to overcome any negative emotion that I have. Even when it seems to have completely overtaken me.

And I’ve had some doozies…

11 years ago, when I had a business collapse, was $750,000 in debt, and had let so many people down it hurt my soul. I was filled with so much anxiety it was absolutely crippling.

My stomach was constantly tied up in knots so much that I lost 15 pounds not being able to eat. I would practically chug vodka to try and calm my nerves. It was the worst time in my life and even harder than when my father died when I was 13 and my hero, my grandfather, died when I was 19.

I wanted, in the worst way, to get a prescription for Xanax because I felt completely helpless.

But I knew if I admitted to being helpless, I would be.

The way I got through this crippling anxiety was KNOWING that even though I was miserable, I had the power to pull myself out of it.

To pull myself out of the crippling anxiety I had invented and created for myself, I had to invent and create something different.

So I started DOING the things consistently that made me happy. Things like working out… presenting my business… loving my family and friends… reading books… going to personal development seminars… listening to personal development… focusing on my blessings…

After getting through the worst time in my life, it empowered me to get over days like today very quickly.

So this morning… I got out of bed and focused on my children. We had a great breakfast and read from our gratitude jars… We each have a jar we pull a piece of paper from that is filled with little notes other family members have written about us and why they’re grateful for us. It’s a pretty cool daily ritual.

After loving the kids and getting them situated for homeschool, I popped into my office and wrote down 50 things I’m grateful for. I purposefully smiled the entire time I wrote the list. Why? Because smiling is “doing” happiness.

Smiling actually creates chemicals in your body that make you feel happier. I’m smiling right now if you can’t tell. ?

After writing my gratitude list, I literally felt the sadness turn into gratitude.

By “doing” happiness, I become more happy.

How to Deal with Depression and Sadness

So let’s recap…

#1 – Realize your negative emotion is invented. By believing you invented that emotion, you can invent another more empowering emotion.

#2 – Do the things that will bring out the emotion you want to invent. Create a list of 50 things you’re grateful for, love on someone, move your body and smile. (Along with whatever else makes you feel happier)

I hope today helped.

Lots of love,

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader

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