El Mateo here to cure your selling ills.

And before you start telling me you don’t “sell” you “share”… save that dribble for the group therapy session for broke MLM’ers.

I spent 5 painful years struggling in network marketing while I was “sharing” and wondering why I wasn’t making any money.

If you want to make “mucho buckolas”, the first step to recovery is admitting like a real pro that we SELL.

Saying we share instead of sell is like a stripper saying I’m not a stripper, I’m a “dancer”. (Not that I’d ever know of course)

Okay now that I’ve probably offended a big portion of my list (sorry feeling punchy this morning) let’s move on, shall we? ?

Reasons Why You Suck at Selling and How to Fix It

Here’s the lesson of the day.

Write this one down because it’s a good one…

How you buy is how you sell.


Yep. How you buy things is how you sell things.

If you hesitate when it comes time to make a buying decision, you attract people who hesitate to make a buying decision.

Because that’s your buying energy, that becomes your selling energy.

  • If you’re the person who gives price objections, you attract people who give price objections.
  • If you often need to think about it, you attract people who need to think about it.
  • If you often want to do your research, you attract people who want to do their research.

Obviously this is not the case every time…

No matter how you buy, you’re going to come across people who are hesitant, give objections, etc.

But when you, as a buyer, make excuses and are hesitant, you are subconsciously sympathetic to other hesitant buyers and that’s what you attract and easily accept.

You see…

One of the reasons I spend so much money on personal development is because I want to attract people to my organization who are willing to invest money on personal development…

Because I know if they don’t invest, they won’t succeed.

Part of the huge not-so-secret secret to my success is having tens of thousands of people in my organization attending events every year. It raises their belief and gives them the internal and external skills to succeed.

If I want to empower them to succeed, I must be the person I want to attract. 

It’s why I didn’t hesitate a few days ago to spend over $1,000 on a personal development program.

It’s why I invested $15,000 on one three-day seminar last year and invested over $50,000 last year just on events. I must BE the buyer I want to attract.

And listen:

I’m not saying you need to spend the kind of money I do… but at whatever level you’re at, you can’t be a hesitant buyer and expect other people to make quick decisions.

My friend…

BE the person you want to attract.

Lots of love,

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader

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