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Hoping to invest in an MLM company?

MLM companies are great outlets if you want a good start for selling products. It’s because they give you the means of earning through product sales and getting other people to do the same. But if you have no experience in this field, you won’t know the best MLM companies around.

Don’t feel hopeless yet.

With this guide, you’ll learn about the top MLM companies of 2020. That way, you won’t feel lost and have a definite idea of where to start when seeking the best network marketing company. Read on and find out more about top multi-level marketing businesses in 2020 and 20201:

1. Amway

This is one of the top fastest-growing MLM companies in the world. After all, it’s the largest direct-selling MLM company with over $8.8 billion in sales. They make and distribute products related to beauty, personal care, nutrition, and your home.

Over 100 countries sell this company’s products using their Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs). They hold over 800 patents and spent $335 million on new R&D facilities across both Americas. They also expanded by a million square feet in their California, Michigan, and Washington plants.

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doTERRA sells essential oil products, as well as supplements and personal care products. This MLM company gives you the tools to achieve your dream business. They have experts that guide you using a comprehensive plan, giving you more freedom in the network marketing landscape.

This is a great MLM company because you get a 25% discount off retail prices and commissions. This allows you to sell their products and earn more profits.

3. NeoLife

This MLM company makes whole food nutrition products while helping people to succeed with startups. Take note, this is an important feature as most businesses fail within the first 18 months. The best part is that the bar is low when you join the network since they give you the means to ensure your success.

They give you consumable products and a remarkable compensation plan. This ensures that you need not invest thousands of dollars to start with this top MLM company.

4. Norwex

Norwex specializes in microfiber, household, personal care, and family products. It’s a great company to join as a beginner because of its positive reputation as an MLM company. Furthermore, their products enjoy a high degree of quality, meaning they’re easier to sell.

When you make personal retail purchases, you’ll get a maximum of a 35% discount. When you join the Norwex Program, know that the company funds it entirely. This means you won’t pay anything to join this leading network marketing business.

5. Young Living

This company has one of the largest and most cutting-edge essential oil distilleries in North America. That’s what enables them to make the best essential oils across the globe. They have an inclusive culture, extending to all their employees, customers, and business builders.

You can either be a preferred customer or a business builder as part of Young Living. The former enjoy member benefits without joining its business opportunities. The latter has a generous compensation plan if you enroll other people to join.

6. Avon

This company is the best if you’re looking for a business in women’s beauty products. It’s the best fit if you’re a skincare expert aiming to work from home. This company has great incentive trips, backed by an incredible community primarily of women.

Avon is a house name in the industry, making them trustworthy.  You can sell their products either full-time or part-time. This flexibility makes it a great source of income without interfering with your other responsibilities.

7. Forever Living

This multi-billion-dollar company makes and sells lots of beauty and wellness products worldwide. If you start a business with them, you’ll get a remarkable income stream. At the same time, you’ll gain more time and freedom to improve your life.

Buy their products at a discount and sell them as a retail store. Also, if you can recruit or sponsor another person to sell or buy Forever products, you get compensated. Take note, you can’t earn from recruiting other people, but you get double income when the people you recruit buy Forever products.

8. Valentus

This company is famous for its weight loss coffee called the SLIMRoast. Its MLM structure is standard. You earn 25% commission for every network marketer that joins. As you move up the sales ranks, you gain more bonuses.

The products Valentus sells are for people who want to become super-human. Aside from the coffee, they also have a keto creamer, immunity supplements, and energy vials. If you’re a health junkie, you benefit the most by selling products made by this MLM company.

9. New U Life

This is a new MLM mastermind startup company offering anti-aging products. What sets it apart from others is its key ingredient: a homeopathic human growth hormone. If you’re 35 years and older, know that you’re the perfect candidate for a business in New U Life MLM.

The reason is that they have SOMADERM gel. This product can bring your growth hormone level back to the one you had during your 20s. You can expect weekly payments for your retail commission, with bonuses acting like milestones as you progress.

10. Modere

This MLM company is a great choice if you’re looking to sell eco-friendly products for your home. Modere’s selling structure places heavy priorities on the bonuses. Regardless, you get commissions for both selling products and encouraging other people to do the same.

Modere has strong branding, with products gaining serious traction online. It’s especially famous for its three-pillar weight loss plan. It’s one of the top MLM companies for 2020 and 2021 for sure.

Join the Best MLM Companies Today!

These are some of the brightest MLM companies you can join this year and beyond. Use this as a guide when you’re thinking about improving your direct selling success or financial situation in 2020 and 2021.

Did this guide help you find a top MLM company to work with in 2021? If so, read our other multi-level marketing business posts and learn more valuable tips and tricks today. It’s time to master MLM and build your business!

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