Understanding Poverty Mindset and How It is Detrimental to Your Success

I had it backwards for the longest time…

I was so broke I hated it. Always struggling. Always having to penny-pinch. Always trying to figure out how to make ends meet.

Never having the money to do the things I wanted like go out to eat at nice restaurants… travel… upgrade my beat up car for something newer.

I thought about how happy I would be when I was making more money.

In network marketing, I’d see my upline who seemed so confident. I thought about how confident I’d be when I had a big team and what a great leader I’d be when I had a large organization.

I’d go to network marketing events and the speakers would sell their training products and I’d think about how cool it was going to be when I was making money and could afford to buy training products.

My philosophy, which is exactly why I was broke and unhappy was…

I’ll do it when.

Here’s the challenge with this way of thinking…

If you’re not happy now even when you’re broke. Money isn’t going to make you happy when you’re rich.

Happiness is found from within. As long as you are looking for something external to make you happy, you’ll always be looking for something external to make you happy.

Happiness is an inside game.

If you don’t act confident now, you’ll probably never have a big team because people are attracted to confidence.

A big team does not make you confident.

YOU make you confident.

If you’re looking for something external to make you confident, you’ll be on a never-ending search for this elusive external source.

Confidence is an inside game. 

If you don’t invest in your education now, you’ll never get the internal and external skills to become wealthy.

The investment comes first.

Saying I’ll invest in education once I’m making money is the equivalent of saying, “Even though I’m failing math, I’ll hire a math tutor when I’m making an A.”

It’s ludicrous but this is the mindset and thinking of the poor.

How to Beat the Poverty Mindset for Long Term Success

You see, if you desire to be wealthy, you have to go from a poverty mindset which says, “I’ll do it (or be it) when” 

…and change it to:

I’ll do it (and be it) NOW!

This is a powerful lesson.

I’ve given you the “what to do”.

If you’d like to learn “how to do it”, come do a deep dive into the mind and into leadership with me.

If you’d like me to help you wire your brain for UNSTOPPABLE confidence and to teach you how to become a powerful leader NOW, go here now.

Lots of love,

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader

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