Do you want to crush Black Friday and Cyber Monday? This is the biggest shopping season of the year and we want you to have the biggest and best month!

But here’s the deal. How do you win the race? You start before the gun goes off.

Right now you have time to really optimize and ensure that you have clarity on what’s happening in your company and what kind of promotions are coming up.

So let’s be strategic about thinking through helping your team show up on social media in such a way that they feel confident. Especially when it comes to brand new people. Because they might be excited but at the same time, anxiety for sure is going to kick in.

That’s why we’ve put together the 4 stages we use to crush the month of November, along with practical tips to help you create engagement in your Stories and convert more sales.

Let’s get started!

The Strategy We Use to Capitalize on the Busiest Shopping Season and Grow Our Business

Stage #1: Prepare

Right now, you have a beautiful opportunity to prepare. What does that mean? You could create:

  • holiday packages
  • cool promotions
  • giveaways
  • 3-5-day challenges (inside of your ATM groups, you could have a planking challenge, a push-up challenge, a water challenge, etc.)

The world is your oyster! Identify what your company is doing. When are they doing their promotions? Be strategic and tease out that information.

IMP: Never say the name of your company or the product. Why? Because when you give away all the details and your customers know everything, then their curiosity is gone, and they might end up shopping somewhere else.

Stage #2: Sizzle 

Now that you’ve prepared, you create the sizzle. In other words, you tease what’s coming. For example,  a big:

  • promotion,
  • discount,
  • announcement.

Your goal is to build up anticipation. Be the preview to the movie!

Stage #3: VIP Lists

This is such a cool strategy to really tease it out!

For example,  let’s say your company rolls out its promotion on the 16th. That’s when the sale kicks off. So usually, a good time to start talking about it is 2-5 days out, so you can start planting those gorgeous seeds!

And what’s the best place to do this? Inside of your Stories! 

So 2-5 days out, you can start educating around the product/promotion that’s coming soon. Then you can say:

  • “Hey, guys, I’m putting together a VIP list. I already have people that want to be the first to know. Let me know if you do, too because when the promotion goes live, we can’t guarantee it’s not going to sell out.”

IMP: Create urgency! This is a limited-time offer.

PRO Tip: Create a VIP Pre-order List. Take people’s information and process the order for them when the promotion kicks off.

Stage #4: Upsell

So now that you have your VIP list, you can take it a step further.

Think about what products or services will complement the main promotion. Let’s get creative here!

Have a meeting with your team and create some kind of holiday package. If you don’t have a team yet, do it yourself.

The important thing to think about is how you can add more value to your customers!

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How We Run a 14-Day Challenge 

We usually run a 14-Day Prospecting Challenge with our team.

What we really love about it is that it’s structured around three main areas of activity – Video Marketing, Personal Development, and Business Building.

When you are thinking of crafting your challenge, think about two things:

A) Recognizing action
B) Recognizing the results your people are getting

And you want to do both together in the same challenge. Why? Because some people might not be top producers yet and if you recognize only the top 3 people, they might get discouraged and say “Gosh, I will never be in the top 3, so no need to even try.”

That’s why it’s important to create some kind of recognition. For example, we do Leaderboards and Check-ins, so we can recognize everybody who’s taking action.

You know that network marketing is a personal development plan with a compensation plan attached. That’s why we incentivize people to work on their personal development. We also emphasize business building, which are basically the tasks they should be doing every day. And for each activity, they accumulate points.  

We also give them resources. For example, one of the biggest struggle people have (especially if they’re new to social media) is creating a catchy headline. So for those people, we put together headline ideas, along with 65 video ideas. So all they have to do is pick out 14 ideas they can get on board with and play with them. Now, think about your people. What’s their biggest objection? Implement it in your challenge.

And last, but not least, we have a 14-Day Activity Tracker. Every single day, they need to fill up those boxes! Why? Because our brain can only focus on one thing at any given time. So your people can focus on their fear OR they can focus on how many points they can add to their boxes!

How to Structure Your Curiosity Stories 

Stories help you create a more intimate connection with your audience. So you can start sharing testimonials, before and afters, even interviews you do with people.

Find creative ways to start conversations. And it can’t just be “Hey, buy my product. Save some money and do your shopping right now.” People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Every time you post, you’re inviting people into your everyday life, and they love that.

Look at your content like you’re running a television channel. Most of the time, you want to show up with different programming, a.k.a. different topics of conversation. And then you want to pepper in beautifully those pieces of content that are more promotional in nature.

So here’s how to structure your curiosity Stories.

Clip #1: Hook

If you’re going fishing, you’ve got to put on a hook what the fish wants. So raise some eyebrows. For example, you could:

  • Ask an interesting question
  • Make a bold statement
  • Share a stat

Our favorite curiosity questions are: 

  1. Do you struggle with ____?
  2. Tired of ____?
  3. Have you tried ____?

Clip #2: Proof 

In your second Story clip, you want to share the benefits/results. They could be either yours or your cusomters’. That’s what people buy!

If you’re using Instagram Reels (which is similar to Tik Tok >>> find out how to use TikTok here), you can add a little movement to your before and afters. That will make the Story more exciting!

Clip #3: How-tos 

Show them how simple it is.

For example, you could show them how you use the product. If it’s a facial product, you could do a little facial before and after. Or you can Google “best tips to gorgeous skin” and you can teach a couple of tips as you’re using the product. People love that!

Clip #4: CTC (Call to Comment)

This is where you can have real fun!

All you have to do is pose a beautiful question. 

And you know how you can create polls? Make both answers positive!

For example, “Do you want to lose weight and feel great? ” And the answers can be “Yes!” and “Of course!” It’s funny and it works.

5 Tips to Create Engagement 

If you’re bored creating content, your audience is bored watching your content. So let’s get your energy happening and increase your engagement with these 5 tips!

#1: Provoke Interaction 

The algorithm gods tell us that when people are watching your story, they should click on it, answer a poll, swipe up. You can add stickers that people can drag, so they can show that they loved your Story.

PRO Tip: If you’re not sure how to add these stickers, use Google to find out more.

And the more people engage with your Stories, the more the algorithm shows your Stories to people. It’s gorgeous.

#2: Do More of What Works 

Once a month, go through your Insights, or just take a look at the likes and the engagement you have. 

That’s so easy, right? And you can even outsource this to your kids. Tell them, “Hey, kids. I’m going to buy pizza tonight for whoever gets me my top 3 posts in the last 30 days.”

And if something is not performing so well, ask yourself,  “How can I spin it here? What can I do differently? Is it the graphic? Or is it the format? Maybe instead of doing text, I should do this in a video.” Play with it.

#3: Don’t Overdo it 

If you’re going to overdo it, overdo it with value and entertainment.

Test things out and see what happens. But if you have 5-10 min worth of content, that’s just too much. You might as well do a Live video.

So think of how you can show up all day, every day in an interesting way.

#4: Mix up the Modality 

We love this!

Sometimes people will say, “I’m struggling with Facebook engagement. I’m not crushing it like I’m used to.” Our advice? Start a Tik Tok channel.

We’ve got people that are brand new to Tik Tok, and they’ve already had a video go viral in their first week. What’s more, they’ve already gotten leads for the first time in a long time from complete strangers.

Tik Tok’s a new modality. But if it’s not the place for you, then why not try taking a selfie or doing videos? There are so many things you can test out and see what people are responding to the best!

#5: Make Your Stories Visually Appealing 

85% of videos are watched without sound, so if you actually go to any one of our Stories, you’ll notice that on each 15-second clip, we put some words on the video, so people who aren’t listening with the volume up, can read what we’re talking about.

So add captions, gifs, stickers, etc. This is what it’s all about – creating engagement and conversation! Network marketers are professional conversation starters!

These were the strategies we use to capitalize on the busiest shopping season of the year. If you get after it this month, it could propel you into your greatest year ever. This is the season when people are in that buyer mode. They are planning on shopping and spending money. For some companies, November and December are literally their busiest shopping period, where they do more revenue than throughout the rest of the year combined.

Which strategy will you implement right away? Let us know in the comments below! And if you found value in this training, share it with your teammates!

Let’s go after it!

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Feel free to share this with anyone who might enjoy it and also comment below on your favorite tip or your biggest takeaway. We can’t wait to see your comments!

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