“NEM” is the latest addition to an online platform with own Blockchain that has been surprisingly beating all the competitor technologies within a short period of time. Known to be “Smart Asset Blockchain“, NEM has shown promising signs in the Blockchain platform rising to 6th position among the other popular cryptocurrency list.

XEM is known to be the cryptocurrency of NEM technology and is a centralized Blockchain similar to that of Dash Coin. The article hereby giving a brief description on the latest addition of cryptocurrency family and how is it competing with its rivals in a steady rate.

Speaking about NEM, it is one of the independent distributive ledger with no mining process been carried out, unlike other cryptocurrencies XEM is not created using mining in fact, the only way to earn this particular cryptocurrency or digital coin is to make online transaction through NEM and as a reward you will be provided with XEM coins. Well, never worry if you think the procedure is complex or money grabbing process – it never is, the transaction fee is too low that not any other technologies offer such low-value online process.

Smart Asset System for convenience and close to all amenities

As we mentioned before smart asset system maintains the complete flow of this Blockchain and cryptocurrency platform. The transaction time is also less comparing to other cryptocurrency transaction and cheap with more efficiency. Inflation strikes the online world, no effect on XEM as the coins are in distributed form and as the demand increases the availability too increases – “Price ability”. With this smart asset system, one can produce any sort of relevant asset like even a new cryptocurrency, smart contracts etc. and managed using the NEM package.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether etc. there is no much use of energy as the mining process isn’t carried out here and hence a minimum power utilized package. There is no intermediate acting and hence direct transaction can be made and no banking system is the act.

NEM - The rising bull in Blockchain platform with XEM cryptocurrency

So as per the above illustration, there are no restrictions and global usage is offered. Using such a system will be so beneficial and it will maintain the whole record of public ledger transaction without any failure in quick session. In MLM Software, XEM can be used as a payment option and proceed to a transaction module to employ more in the digital world.

Revolutionize the world…!

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