Devon and I were taking a walk yesterday morning and both decided we felt like a road-trip. So we found an awesome little (kinda big actually) cabin here in Fredericksburg, TX in a Swiss inspired resort.

I’m here sipping coffee overlooking the beautiful creek feeling so blessed for the freedom that network marketing provides. Life is good!

If you’re ready for freedom, there is a “formula for success” I’ve trained on for years that will get you there.

It’s a very simple formula that allowed me to become a six-figure earner at 24 and a millionaire at 29.

This formula has worked for many others and most appreciate how simple the formula is.

The Different Personality Types

I’m what you would call a driver personality type – I want to produce results and am very bottom line oriented. For me, simple is good.

There are, however, the critical thinker personality types. These are the analytics who LOVE numbers… Get excited about systems… are very process oriented.

So I get a message from my good friend, Nicholas de-Heer, who is an amazing leader absolutely crushing it in network marketing.

If you’re an analytical thinker, you may want to print this out because you’ll love it!

(And if you’re not, you can probably stop reading now and save yourself the pain) LOL

Solving Mathematical Equations in Network Marketing

I was never a fan of mathematics growing up, although my mom taught the subject to high school students for over twenty years. One topic I enjoyed, however, was Simultaneous Equations .

Example: Solve for “x” and “y” in the following:

6x + 5y = 10 (Equation 1)

9x – 3y = 8 (Equation 2)

I’m sorry if this reminds you of your pain ?

Thankfully, it is not your ability to solve math equations that necessarily puts money in your bank account!

HOLD on, however.

Matt Morris,*the man who became a millionaire at 29″, actually provides us with an equation that can put money in your pocket.

Here it is!:

Where S = Success, E = Effort, and Sk = Skills;

S = E × Sk ……. Let us call this Eqn (equation) 1.

In other words, your success is your effort multiplied by your skills set.

After carefully pondering Matt’s equation, I unpacked it to derive other sub-equations.

Here goes!

Eqn 2 is: Skills equals Knowledge multiplied by Practice multiplied by Consistency.

Eqn 2… Sk = Kn * Pr * Cn

Now let’s move to the next sub equation.

Eqn 3. Kn = (Hm ÷ Eg)×Tm

Equation 3 ??is: Knowledge equals Humility divided by Ego, multiplied by the amount of Time you invest in reading, listening to audios, etc. In other words, your ego has an inverse relationship with your knowledge, whereas your humility has a direct relationship.

Eqn 4.. Eff = 10Hn

Equation 4 ??is quite simple. Your Effort is a reflection of your Hunger multiplied by a factor of 10.

Now, finally, let us combine all the sub equations into the Matt equation 1 above to get a mother equation 5:

Eqn 5. S = *10Hn × (Hm÷Eg)×Tm×Pr×Cn

Ok. Sorry ? if all of this is messing up your brains. ?The simplified summary of it all is this:

Success derives from

?? a big dose of HUNGER

which reflects in massive action;

??a big dose of HUMILITY and a small ego, which facilitates your knowledge, and combined with practice and consistency (also influenced by hunger), facilitates your rapid progress.

Nicholas de-Heer


I’ve read this three times and I’m still not sure I understand it 100% but because Nicholas is such a powerful leader, I’m just going to take his word for it!

Hope you got a kick out of it! ?

Now, if you DO have a high dose of hunger, a low dose of ego, a high dose of humility with a desire to increase your knowledge and you’re ready for rapid progress, you’ll want to go to


While this training can increase your income dramatically as it has for many others, there are no complicated formulas. If you’re looking to be wowed with complex equations, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

This training gives you only the down-n-dirty skills, mental programming techniques, tactics and leadership strategies that lead to success.

Lots of love!

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader and Trainer

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