Quick cautionary tale that very well may save your network marketing career:

Battery life is at 9% and I’m out at the lake with no charger so this is gonna have to be fast…

I had a friend years ago on my team. He was one of these muscle head types of guys who was built like an Adonis. Super personable and everyone seemed to like him.

Because he had a lot of charm and charisma he enrolled several people quickly upon getting started with me. In fact, about 20 in his first month which is insanely good.

But then his group plateaued.

It was interesting to watch him because he would show up for presentations if he had guests and then when we did the training afterward, he was always out in the hall talking.

Never showed up for Saturday training and missed the major events. I urged him so many times to come to the training but it was always the same… he didn’t “need” training. I’d even tell him that even if you don’t need the training, your team does and if you don’t go, they won’t go. But alas, he was completely un-coachable.

No surprise, his team dwindled away and he eventually stopped showing up altogether.

I remember thinking… If this guy would just work his brain muscles the same way he worked the rest of his muscles, he’d be one of the biggest superstars in the company.

And for you biology majors, yes I know the brain is technically not a muscle. But there is no doubt that working your brain to learn leadership and the strategies for becoming a top earner is an exercise required to make it big.

Why You Should Promote Personal Development and Leadership Training?

Looking back over my 20 years of being full-time in network marketing, in EVERY case, if leaders don’t have a commitment to personal development, they sabotage themselves.

No exceptions.

You may be fit, sexy and strong…

You may have loads of charisma and natural talent…

But if you’re not working your brain muscle, don’t expect to ever become a top earner.

And more:

As a leader, if you’re not promoting personal development and leadership training, you will rarely (if ever) produce quality leadership on your team.

Make sense?

Good. I’m glad you get it.

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Okay gotta get the kids loaded up and head back to Dallas.

Have an awesome day!

Matt Morris
#1 Best Selling Author of The Unemployed Millionaire

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