Last night at dinner one of our guests asked Kimmy and me what the reputation was of our profession … Network Marketing.  

She didn’t know much about it and didn’t really have an opinion. She asked us to compare its reputation to other occupations.

We came up with a variety … used car salesperson, life insurance salesperson, bail bondsman, the repo man, etc.   

Of course, reputation is domain specific. People inside our profession tend to hold our profession in high esteem. We love what we do … but I imagine so do bail bondsmen. 

People who do not know much about MLM … the millennials, don’t seem to have much of an opinion and certainly our opportunity fits in with their values … work from anywhere, freelance, community, online, unlimited income, travel, etc.

But to most people … baby boomers and older, there is a stigma and it is not good.

Do your own survey; you will be fascinated with the results.

First, note how many do not understand what you are talking about … they do not know our business model by any of its names. Until you say Amway

Now most of them know exactly what you are talking about. Next, find out what they think it is and how they feel about it.

Now ask yourself this question: if you Invited 100 people to “just take a look” at your business, what percent would say “no thanks?”   

Is it the majority

Unless you have built a relationship of interest and trust, most will say no thanks.

      • Is it your specific products?
      • Is it your specific company?
      • Is it MLM in general as they think they understand it?

My experience is that most people will not even look and the reason they will not look is they do not want to BE or DO MLM as they understand it.

The best way I can define it is that our prospects have a feeling … a long historical feeling about who they need to BE and what they would need to DO if they were to become one of us.

And that feeling has a high ick factor.

It is culturally handed down from generation to generation. After all, we have been doing this since 1946 … before most of your parents were even born. 

Here is what we have been doing for 70 years that has led to a lack of interest or trust.

      • They should quit their stupid jobs and do MLM. 
      • They should make as much money as possible.
      • They should drive a fancy car and live in a big house.   

We have attempted to IMPOSE our values on them instead of just asking them what their values are. This makes us jerks. Jerks are the least interesting people we have ever met.

      • Lied about how effective our products are.
      • Lied about the competition.
      • Lied about how easy it is.
      • Lied about how much money we make.
      • Lied about what famous people endorse our business model.   

We are liars. And liars are not interesting.

      • Desperation shows up as a franticness and a manufactured timeline of urgency. “You need to do this now or you will miss the opportunity.”
      • Desperate manipulation is not attractive.
      • Desperately blasting our offers everywhere from windshield fliers to spamming people’s social media with our lies and hype to “The Three Foot” obnoxious rule makes us not at all interesting. It is amateur hour. We act like desperate, uneducated fools. No one wants to be sold that way.
      • We have chosen to promote products we know are BS. Products that no one would buy long term as a pure customer. 
      • We have chosen to promote companies that are BS. All Hat and No Cattle as we say on the ranch. 

When all our desperation calls us to do is HOPE we can be successful, we make really bad choices.

The way we try to make our products and opportunities better than others by comparing them makes us look stupid and desperate. We think it elevates our offer.

In fact, it lessens how people feel about it. The public can intuit lies, and most competitive conversations are lies.  

Have you hired an independent research firm to double blind every product like yours in the marketplace? Every product? No, you have not.

Your compensation plan? No, you have not. You lie. I do not like you.

We fail. We talk about what a great opportunity we have but we fail.  97-99% of us fail … fail so bad we stink up the place. We should quit. If you are not going to do the simple things required to succeed, please do quit. 

What if everyone who was faking it and HOPING to succeed just quit? How cool would that be?    

We talk a game we don’t have. All we need to do to be successful is engage with 1-2 people a day for 2-3 years … engage in a way that attracts them, and we would knock it out of the MLM park. But we do not. 

We avoid, hide, fidget, whine, change companies like our underwear, blame, HOPE, and basically as a profession suck. Not very attractive.

Here is the question that has inspired a big part of my career in Network Marketing …  what IF we showed up differently for the public? 

What if we acted differently, spoke differently, and certainly listened differently, such that the public’s experience of us being and doing Network Marketing over time was positive and attractive?

What could we build?  

How much faster?   

How many more new people would see success and have fun doing it?  

I hold the shift as inevitable

It has been my Vision and the Vision of Bliss Business for 30 years (after ten years of being an MLM Toadwad).

We can make it happen, and we have to BE and DO differently.

Will you join me in this crusade? Will you aspire to BE someone that other people are attracted to vs. avoid?

      • Imagine if you were the most interesting person your prospects had ever met.
      • Imagine if they actually thought and felt that way about you? 
      • Would they respond to your messages?   
      • Would they listen to you?   
      • Would they look at your opportunity?   
      • What could you build?

Here is a webinar that does a deep dive on how you can do it, but until you watch it, here are the CliffNotes:

Ask intuitive (not agenda-based) questions. The next question is triggered from their most recent answer, and it is NOT an attempt to set them up. 

Do not think, chatter, opine, judge, strategize or look at your phone. Just get them … every ounce of them.

Let the relationship develop.

If and when they ask you a question, answer it directly, clearly and truthfully, without any hype. Positive spin is not necessarily hyping. Spin is featuring the upside, and that is a key part of your Vision casting for them. Hype is just plain BS and never generates trust.

Not just in your speaking but in your presence. Be present to your own Vision about the life you are building and why. From that Vision comes your passion. I don’t mean talk about it, I mean be present to it.

In the webinar, you will learn how this process can have you be The Most Interesting Person your prospects have ever met.

Let’s show people the true beauty of what we have to offer, not through our lies and hype, but through who we are.

I believe in you,

P.S. Don’t forget to comment below. Tell me what you thought as you read this blog. What questions do you have for me?

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