We came out to our lake house yesterday and I’m sitting here in my favorite writing place… on the deck overlooking the water. Normally, deer are walking through the yard in the mornings but no such luck today.

Today’s actually pretty dark and cloudy. You can smell the rain about to come.

Hopefully it’ll pass so we can head over to the alligator zoo not too far away.

It got me thinking…

So many times, my biggest breakthroughs in business have come just after the darkest times.

In fact, pretty much EVERY major breakthrough in my business career has come after a hell of a storm.

I’m not sure where you’re at in business, but listen up. Listen well and never forget what you’re about to learn.

Breakthroughs almost always occur after the height of frustration.

Just when you feel like frustration is going to cause you to break, you find your breakthrough.

I don’t have any scientific data to back this up…

This is 25 years of entrepreneurship and studying success my entire adult life.

Myself and just about every multi-millionaire friend I have can mark the turning point of our biggest breakthroughs immediately after our biggest frustrations.

But here’s the key on how to plow through frustration and experience a breakthrough

This is only true when you keep pushing through.

Allow your frustration to have a purpose.

If you quit, your frustration served only to create stress and anxiety.

When you push through, your frustration becomes a catalyst for power.

So, my friend, if you’re frustrated I’ve been there.

You have two choices when dealing with frustration:

1. Let your frustration break you.


2. Let your frustration become a catalyst for power and experience a breakthrough.

How do you get the mental toughness to push through? What are the things you need to do to lead yourself and others through the frustration?

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Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader

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