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Some of you may have heard the term “Accountability Partner.” This is a term that describes someone who holds you accountable for certain actions. This could be business related, fitness related, relationship related, etc.

The problem with this term is no one likes to be held accountable.  

That’s why I decided to adopt the term “Champion” instead of an accountability partner. To me, this describes the true essence of what we are in need of when it comes to accountability.

In this video, I share how you can find a champion for you …

The Heart of a Champion Richard Bliss Brooke Network Marketing Bliss Business  


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P.S.  Comment Below!  Do you have a champion? If so, how did you connect with them?

P.S.S.  In this blog we’re talking about finding someone who believes in you to help you stay accountable toward your life goals. Why do people need this? Well, it’s usually because people do not understand the concept of self-motivation. If this resonates with you, I have something that can help. I wrote a book called “Mach2 With Your Hair On Fire – The Art of Vision & Self-Motivation.” This book can help you master your vision and self-motivation. Check it out …


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