The Four Year Career is an idea that is gaining in popularity. Hundreds of thousands of people a week are joining a Direct Sales opportunity, not because they particularly know about The Four Year Career, but because Network Marketing offers core values that need to be met

1. People need and want to connect. They want to make friends and have great experiences, whether those are travel, adventure, accomplishment, contribution or success. Life is made of these memories. Just ask anyone to quantify their life when they don’t have any left.

2. People want to learn. Whether it is new skills, distinctions or wisdom, people want to know more about the world. Increasingly what we think we know is turning out to be not so. We are all looking for more light in a sometimes dark world.

 3. People want more freedom and abundance, and I am not talking about getting rich quick or a level of obscene abundance. We just want to make progress financially … paying off debt vs. going deeper and transferring hope (quiet desperation) into “probability thinking.” We want to visualize and actualize a safer, freer and more joyous future.

The Four Year Career is simply employing two simple laws of commerce and mathematics to create more of the above in one’s life.

1. In the 1940’s, California Vitamins, a Direct Sales company expressed an epiphany by changing the rules about who could build a sales team … who could be a team leader and when. Instead of having to prove ones-self first, they decided that every new sales rep could build a team and they could start building it immediately. No longer did someone have to become a great sales rep and jump through a bunch of management hoops before they could build a team and earn on the efforts of others. This created a new Law of Commerce in the form of Multilevel Marketing.

2. Multilevel Marketing being born ushered in the mathematical law ofcompounding, or geometric progressions into the potential growth of a sales force. This created an income path and wealth building opportunity that makes The40 Year Career look archaic in comparison.

The best way to describe the difference Multilevel Marketing can make in a commerce project is to look at the goal of selling $1 Million a month of any product. In traditional sales, a company might look to hire 100 superstar salespeople with territories, etc. The most important component would be a monthly quota of $10,000.

Multilevel Marketing just flips the numbers. 

10,000 raving fans of a product x $100 a month in sales.

Here are the Four Cornerstones as laid out in The Four Year Career book.

1.  The People. How do you “recruit” 10,000 people? Simple. Rules 1 and 2 from above …  enroll 4, who each enroll 4, who each enroll 4, who each enroll 4, etc. You-4-16-64-256-1024-4096 etc.

2.   The Sales. Only raving fans of the product need apply and in fact, they are the only ones that do. $100-$200 a month in sales, per fan, is natural and organic. Much of those “sales” may just be the Fans themselves using the product.

3.   The Income. Direct Sales and Multilevel Marketing companies pay about 40% of their revenues to the “Fans” to motivate them to build the team. This is the ugly secret that few in our profession are willing to acknowledge, let alone fight for. We generate sales not from teaching our Fans to be superstar salespeople but by motivating them to build a sales team. We believe in the Law of Getty … J. Paul Getty.   “I would rather earn 1% on the efforts of 100 than 100% on the efforts of 1.”

10,000 People x $200 a month in Sales x 5% = $10,000 a month in Residual Income. 

4.   The Asset Value. In the right company, with the right products, your income can become Residual at some point. This usually occurs when your team exceeds 400-500 active Fans. What YOU do from that point on in terms of sales and recruiting may have little impact on your income. Your team and their own leadership takes over. If you are earning $5,000 a month in Residual Income, your distributorship has an Asset Value of $1,000,000 … not that you could sell it for that but that it would require that much real estate equity or equivalent assets to produce $5,000 in residual income. You now have true wealth, and with that comes Freedom and Security.

The book, The Four Year Career dives deep into the business model of how people all over the world representing hundreds of Multilevel companies are building this model on a part-time basis in Four Years. The Four Year Career book is the fastest growing generic tool in our profession. Distributors study it to learn the model. They give it to new distributors to learn to believe in the model, and the fastest growing use is as an actual prospecting tool for those looking at the possibility of getting involved. 

Here are what just a few of its tens of thousands of fans have to say about the book:

“Richard, I’m loving your book! Thanks for the copy, great stuff!”

-B.K. Boreyko – Owner of Veema, Top 50 Network Marketing Company

“Jam-packed with compelling facts and stories, The Four Year Career is a no BS, tell-it-like-it-is powerhouse of a book. Read this, and you’ll be more confident than ever in the future of your Network Marketing business. Share this with the skeptics in your life, and they’ll FINALLY appreciate why you’ve chosen this profession (and more will be joining you too).”

-Sonia Stringer – The Number One Female Network Marketing Coach 

“I don’t think there’s a better explanation of how Network Marketing works, AND Richard Brooke’s exploration of “The Asset Value” of a residual income business is nothing short nor shy of utterly Brilliant! A MUST see for every Networker and their prospects!”

-John Fogg – Author of “The Greatest Networker in the World”

On creating a custom edition of The Four Year Career

“We had just under 3,000 members at printing [of his team’s custom edition of The Four Year Career] last year, 11 months ago, and 400 people joining per month. We will break 15,000 members tomorrow, and have close to 2,500 members joining per month now. My group essentially doubles every 3-4 months … we had just over 7,000 five months ago.

When the book launched under a year ago, we were doing about $200k in monthly sales, and this month we will break $1 million for the first time. I’ve sponsored approximately 122 people.

It is insane for anyone to not see the value in [the book]. Looking back when I first started with the project, I was nervous but my income has more than quadrupled in the past year … very good investment for anyone. I sold another 100 tonight at my meeting, and all my business presentations are based on the 4YC and creating a “Four Year Career” with my company!”

-Adam Green – fastest-growing group in 30-year old Network Marketing Company, Young Living

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