A Diversified Real Estate Portfolio

No matter what is happening with the economy, maintaining diversification in your investments is a must. Spreading out your ventures in different areas can both maximize your potential for a greater return and insulate you against the fluctuations of whichever market in which you’ve invested. Real estate offers more opportunity […]

3 Types of Real Estate Investments

Many real estate investors take a substantial amount of time to explore and understand the various types of properties they can purchase and rent out. Steven Taylor Los Angeles has focused his investment efforts on apartment buildings. Nonetheless, there are other types of buildings investors can acquire. Here are three […]

The REAL Formula for MLM Freedom

Devon and I were taking a walk yesterday morning and both decided we felt like a road-trip. So we found an awesome little (kinda big actually) cabin here in Fredericksburg, TX in a Swiss inspired resort. I’m here sipping coffee overlooking the beautiful creek feeling so blessed for the freedom […]