Affiliate Marketing vs MLM – A Detailed Comparison

If you’re looking to make some extra income, affiliate marketing is an efficient way to do so. Accidentally, many people confuse affiliate marketing for multi-level marketing (MLM). This misunderstanding stops some from starting what could otherwise be a pleasant and lucrative side business. Affiliate marketing and Network marketing is having […]

Texas energy reseller goes MLM

Griddy Pro is the MLM marketing arm of Texas-based energy reseller Griddy. Griddy’s website lists co-founder Nicholas Bain and Gregory Craig, both of whom have a history in the energy sector. As per their respective Griddy corporate bios; Mr. Bain has been championing the investment and growth of renewable energy […]

TikTok bans MLM promotion across platform

TikTok, the popular Chinese owned video-sharing social network, has banned promotion of MLM across its entire platform. The decision was made public following recent changes to TikTok’s “community guidelines”. In TikTok’s updated guidelines, MLM comes under “frauds and scams” and is grouped together with Ponzi and pyramid schemes. Frauds and […]