Do you know how much a professional baseball player with a .150 batting average earns? 

Because those players with a .150 batting average aren’t even in the game. They’re at home, sitting on the couch, watching the pros. 
Now let me ask you this: do you know what a pro baseball player with a .450 batting average earns? 
Right. Millions. All from tripling that meager .150 batting average.

Tripling your enrollments can be the difference between freedom and a face plant, between striking out or hitting it out of the park. 

Enrolling 3 times as many people as you are now is simple. Watch my Triple Play Plan and find out exactly how to do it.  

MLM training tools and tips with Kimmy Brooke

Now just imagine if everyone on your team started following the Triple Play Plan. We’re talking huge team growth. HUGE. 
Share this post with your team and go from sideline to unstoppable.  
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