Do you ever feel like your social media efforts are going nowhere?

A lot of network marketers are not sure what to post on social media to get attention, generate leads, create conversations, and build a powerful brand.

Now, imagine what would happen if you were able to finally crack the code to mass attract, enroll, and duplicate. And imagine were able to find out:

  • what content creates more curiosity, connection, and conversations;
  • the actual top posts working right now to connect with people ready to join your opportunity!

This is what this training is all about. Our friend and online marketing genius, Kate McShea shares what to post on social media to pull in the best prospects and accelerate your business.

Kate is an absolute rockstar. She is the VP of Marketing at, a seven-figure business owner teaching entrepreneurs and network marketers how to build successful businesses leveraging social media. Let’s get to it!

Best Social Media Posts to Attract Prospects & Accelerate Your Business in Less than 30 Days

First things first, says Kate. Let’s talk about conversations and conversions. We are business owners, right? What we want is more engagement, leads, conversions. Let’s flip the script. Take a step back and ask yourself: What are your prospects looking to get from you and your social posts?

People want value, solutions to their problems, education, things that will help them grow and achieve results.

The biggest mistake we make when posting is thinking about us. When I started taking my business on social media, all I did was post my business opportunity link everywhere, three to five times a day. I thought that was the way to pull in more people, but I was coming from a place of desperation. Instead, I got blocks from family members and friends. Until one day, this seven-figure earner and producer reached out and, “Stop spamming your opportunity links all over my fan page.” 

PRO Tip: Don’t just come from a place where you want more leads, and more people to buy. Instead, focus on what your prospects want and how your social media posts help solve pain points, give hope, validation, and solutions.

So the best advice one can give you is, as John C. Maxwell says, “Focus your attention on helping others.” Think about the results they want and how to help them feel supported. That’s when things will start to shift.

Relationship, Insider Secrets, and Support

Kate found there are three social media post categories that work right now: relationship, insider secrets, and support. 

  1. Relationship posts give people an idea of who you are and position you as a leader.
  2. Insider secret posts are meant to share value and help prospects grow. They should get your people excited about what you’re going to teach.
  3. Support posts actually offer our free training, classes, and create a sense of community.

All these posts are meant to create curiosity, conversation, and connections. Kate breaks them down into two different post-delivery styles: questions posts and fill-in-the-blank posts. 

Check out these social media posts examples that are working great right now. 



#1. Relationship 


This question not only positions you as a leader but also qualifies the people you’ll want to start conversations with. If people leave comments like “there’s no positive in this current situation, life stinks, etc.”, you don’t want such negativity on your team, right? You wanna work with people who can pull out the silver lining during any situation.

#2. Insider secrets



This question opens up an option for you to transition the comments into a buying conversation. You’ll have people going, “Yes, I want to know more” or “Yeah, I’ve been intermittent fasting but it’s not working for me, I’d love your insight.”

And now, you can go on and say, Wow, it looks like I’ve got a lot of curious people, what if I did a Facebook live training on [X] date? I’ll hit you up in messenger for more details. Make sure you look out for the invite.”

PRO Tip: The purpose of the insider secrets questions is to start conversations and give people tips. Show them you want to serve them and get a pulse of who wants what you’re doing. Make sure you go back and follow up with people inside the comments.

Extra Tip: Don’t just talk about your products all the time—showcase your industry and profession.

#3. Support 


These posts create engagement and show where people are at, personally. The reason they work so well is people get to choose what they want to learn and feel like they’re part of the process. 

PRO Tip: Focus on things people are currently struggling with. Deliver value while positioning yourself as the leader they go to for help.



#1. Relationships posts


When you find out what people care about most and understand what’s driving them right now, you will be able to connect with them on a deeper level. 

Reach out to a prospect inside Messenger, and say, “Hey, I saw your family’s super important to you.” Starting these secondary conversations makes people feel like you’re listening to them and understand where they’re coming from.

PRO Tip: You could do it as you take a selfie of yourself and put this fill-in-the-blank at the top. To create a bit of curiosity, add “Mine’s in the comments”. 

#2. Insider secrets


People will drop in things like “eating this”, “doing that”, “intermittent fasting” while others will say, “I don’t actually know”, and that’s just creating a list of topics for new future trainings.

Now, here’s your opportunity to create the next flood of engagement: “Wow, these comments are phenomenal. If I were to do a training sharing my two best ways to decrease inflammation without changing your diet, would that be helpful?” 

At the end of that training, you can start talking about your products. Here’s how:

“Hey, if you want to know more about how to fast track inflammation with something that’s worked with me, let’s hop on a call.” 

#3. Support


You might hear people drop Zoom or FaceTime—which means you’ll get them to share their favorite way to stay connected. 

Then, guess what? The following day you can fire back inside the comments, “Hey, I’m going to set up a Zoom training on [topic], how many of you want in?”

One more thing before we wrap up.

We hear so many people saying, “I don’t have a community or a ton of people yet.” 

You DO. If you have people who comment on your posts, you have a community. You have listeners, people who show up and want to interact with you and others!

These posts are great conversation starters that open up the opportunity for prospects to join your team and become your client, so make sure you test them out and find the ones that work best for you.

These are the best social media posts that are working right now! Which one will you try out first? Let us know in the comments below!

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