A Status Report has revealed there are only six remaining LuLaRoe class-action Plaintiffs who haven’t resolved their claims through settlement.

As per the filed September 29th Status Report,

Since the parties filed their last joint status report on June 2, 2020, counsel for the parties have continued to explore mediation and other methods of informal resolution of the claims of the remaining Plaintiffs who filed individual counterclaims (Dana Apana, Melissa Atkinson, Amandra Bluder, Jocelyn BurkeCraig, Shannon Carrillo, Lora Haskett, Ashley Healy, Peggy Johnson, Jeni Laurence, Stephenie McGurn, Jini Patton, Laura Rocke, and Kerry TigheSchwegler).

Mediation proceedings between the parties commenced on September 24th, 2020.

The parties are in the process of memorializing and executing the agreements, and anticipate filing stipulations to dismiss with prejudice the claims of these seven Plaintiffs in this action.

Of the thirteen remaining Plaintiffs, LuLaRoe expects to reach settlements with Dana Apana, Melissa Atkinson, Amandra Bluder, Jocelyn Burke-Craig, Lora Haskett, Jeni Laurence and Kerry Tighe-Schwegler.

It’s unclear whether the remaining six Plaintiffs intend to settle or pursue the case.

The proposed LuLaRoe class-action was filed by five Plaintiffs in 2017. The original complaint sought $5 million in damages due to issues with LuLaRoe’s buy-back policy.

Pyramid fraud allegations were added via an amended complaint filed in early 2018.

LuLaRoe scored a significant legal victory early on in the case, after it was granted permission to initiate one-on-one arbitration proceedings.


Footnote: In case anyone’s wondering I misread the Status Report as LuLaRoe having settled with all remaining defendants.

The original article was only up for a few minutes before I caught the error.

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