From Rags to Riches

It’s a beautiful morning here in Mexico and I’m excited to share with you a tip that can turn your life around.

Still feeling a little sad for my giant moth who’s life was cut short from the evil little bird from yesterday. But we must press on.

I’m going to be taking the kids swimming with the dolphins here in about three hours. We’re doing the “deluxe” package which includes each of us getting to ride 2 dolphins at the same time… kids are stoked! (Okay I’m probably just as stoked to be real open) ?

It’s a far cry from where I was years ago… spending $139 per person for 30 minutes with animals would have been unthinkable. Hell, I would have been lucky just to have enough gas to fill up my little, red, busted up Honda Civic years ago.

When I was living out of my car, a huge luxury was when I could splurge on McDonalds with their 2 Big Macs for $2 special.

To be able to stay in the most expensive suite in the resort and take my children all over the world is not something I take for granted.

I’ve been blessed to spend the past 20 years being financially free. But I don’t forget where I came from…

  • I know what it feels like to struggle.
  • I know the feeling of frustration that comes with having no idea how you’re going to pay your bills.
  • I know what it’s like to feel discouraged going years without making a profit.
  • I know what it’s like to feel so defeated seeing others who joined the business after you but have passed you up. 

I get it.

It’s why I write these daily blog posts…

Now that I’ve “made it”, I just want to help others “make it”.

Today’s coaching is a strategy that turned my life around. It’s simple but something you may have to remind yourself of daily…

“Adopt a fascination with learning.”

When I was homeless and searching for something (anything) that would turn my life around… I realized I was where I was because of who I was and the knowledge (or lack thereof) in my mind.

I got fascinated with learning the secrets of success and made a massive commitment to learning.

I started reading books and listening to audios and taking notes to cement the learning into my mind. I quickly realized that I must get, not just just general knowledge on success, specific knowledge in network marketing.

I remember buying courses on closing, cold market prospecting and basically anything and everything network marketing specific. I remember one trainer who simply interviewed many other successful networkers and put it into a big collection and I devoured it even though it was expensive and a huge stretch for me.

I bought everything I could get my hands on. Some of it was crap and some gave me super valuable insights.

What’s kind of fun today looking back is that of all the trainers courses who I purchased when I was broke, I’ve since passed them all up as far as success in network marketing.

It’s one of the reasons I decided to put together my own comprehensive video coaching program covering ALL the major skills required to crush it at the highest levels in our profession.

You see, I had to buy all these different programs and sort through the crap to find the golden nuggets of wisdom with strategies that actually worked. When I created M-School, I specifically created each and every module to give you major “aha” learning moments.

No fluff.

No filler.

Just down-n-dirty practical strategies that produce results in each of the 6 key skills required to become a top earner. There is nothing else like it in our profession.

If you want all the details, just go to:

I’m gonna wake up the kids and order room service. Will let you know how the dolphin experience goes!

Lots of love,

Matt Morris
#1 Best Selling Author of The Unemployed Millionaire

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