Looking to scale your business without burnout?

I don’t like to sugarcoat things. What we do is not easy. If it’s easy, it’s sleazy. And if it was easy, everyone would be financially free.

But here’s the thing. Life is hard. Even if you do the easy things, life is still hard.

So let’s talk about doing the harder things so that you can have an easier life.

What’s your goal?

  • To break through 6 figures for the first time?
  • To get to 7 figures?
  • Multiple 7 figures?

Whatever your goal might be, this is a training for people who want to take their business to the next level and who want to do so without burnout. 

Because the truth is, you don’t have to work harder. You just have to work smarter.

So let’s dive right in and find out how you can scale your business to 6 or even 7 figures with no burnout!

Scaling from 6 to 7 Figures in Your Online Business Without Burnout

#1: Lead Generation

The first thing that I found that helped us go from 6 figures/year to multiple 6 figures/month and avoid burnout was simplifying the lead generation conversation.

Back in 2012, my back was against the wall. I was really struggling with my belief and my confidence in what I was doing. I felt like I was like lying to people because I really didn’t feel like they could win. So I really started to question everything.

That’s when I knew I had to upgrade the vehicle. Because you can’t fly to the moon in a car.

So I turned to the internet and social media, in particular. And one of the most paramount things was building a personal brand and a community. Because if you build a following, an audience, a community of people that know you, like you, and trust you, you’ll never have to worry about where to find people to talk to ever again.

So in 2013, we first started creating content and education online. After that, we stepped it up – we started teaching people how to sell product on social and how to create curiosity around those products. Because the easiest people to recruit are people who are already raising their hand and expressing interest in the business.

Lead With The Product

Learning to lead with the product was a game-changer for us versus just promoting the opportunity all the time.

“Make money”, “create residual income”, “fire your boss” – they all stand for “journey of the broke”. And that doesn’t attract people.

The truth is, most people don’t speak our language. When I explain to people what we do, it doesn’t make sense to them because they’ve been trained to go to school, get a degree, get a job, and work a 9 to 5. Or do a traditional business with a $100,000 investment upfront and own a business that owns them.

But remember what you thought when you first looked at network marketing.

So lead with the product and teach people how to sell it. Because if they can sell the product and make a couple of hundred or even a couple of thousand dollars a month, that’s much more natural. They can organically build a team and create a business.


#2: Exposure Process

Are you using the ATM system (Add, Tag, Message)? I might be biased but this is the greatest exposure system on the planet, especially when it comes to recruiting and building a community.

And don’t overthink the fact that a lot of people might be using the same Facebook Group. Because there’s power in it! And that power comes from social proof – the team comradery where everyone works together to sell and promote the products, promote the business, and add their prospects. If thousands of people are inside the community, they will see all of the testimonials, all the people loving the company, different stories, and awesome videos, and even challenges.

That’s when the ATM group takes on a life of its own. Even if I stopped ATMing people, my team’s not going to stop. The people in the group are still going to have questions. They’re still going to see all the content in there and they’re going to end up buying and/or joining the company.

But the key is getting the leads in the group. The sooner you get your prospects into an ATM group, the sooner you will start seeing results.

#3: Team Culture

You have to have a culture of leadership development and recognition.

  • Love on your team hard.
  • Keep it real.
  • Speak life into your team.

It’s important to have a positive team culture and a drama-free environment for people to step into their greatness.

It’s also crucial to shine a spotlight on the people in your team. The sooner you get the light off yourself and onto other people, the better.

I have leaders on my team that are better at selling than me or they’re better at certain social media platforms than I am. Maybe they have a story that’s more relatable to some people. I’ve been in this profession for 20 years, but I can highlight someone who started a month ago and created some results, no matter how big or small.

You want a team that’s a home for everyone. Most people just want to be a part of such a community. So give them that opportunity.

#4: Expand Your Bandwidth

Outsourcing is paramount to avoid burnout.

Most people just waste time on things that don’t make money. So don’t waste too much time on things that don’t pay the bills and don’t move the needle.

You might be wasting time:

  • trying to compose the perfect post;
  • responding to basic comments on social media because you want the algorithm to boost you up and give you more exposure;
  • talking to the same people over and over again;
  • hopping on all these Zooms and phone calls, and trying to pump people up.

I’m not doing that stuff. But what I am doing is talking to people. And I’m quick and efficient. I’m a freak about my time and I don’t like wasting time doing things that someone else could do.

The help is out there. That’s why you’ve got to understand what makes you money and in most cases, that’s talking to new people.

So, expand your bandwidth so that you can have enough time to focus on what matters. 

#5: Personal Brand

If you’re a brand new person who just signed up last week, there’s no need to worry about this yet. But at some point, you need to start providing value.

How can you do that? Just talk about things that you love talking about. 

  • Is there something that you’re really good at?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • Are you learning anything new?
  • Do you have interesting stories to share? 

Because ultimately, if you can entertain and train people (or what I like to call “entertrainment”), things will blow up for you.


#6: Hang Out With The Best People

It’s the power of proximity. Get close to the successful people in your company and in the industry.

Where do they hang out? When is your next event? The leaders are going to be at that event. So go where the leaders are and start rubbing shoulders with the top people.

Think about how you can show up so they pay attention to you. The people that I love to mentor are people who are showing up for the events, the people who are showing up in the team chats, the people who are reaching out asking questions because they’re actually working.

If you lack belief, borrow it from someone else. That’s why when I was new to network marketing, I had to be in the room with those people and pick their brains. Because I wanted to learn from them. Why? Because they’ve already climbed success mountain. They know the path and they know what to avoid.

These were my best tips on Scaling from 6 to 7 Figures in Your Online Business Without Burnout. These strategies worked for us and I know they can work for you, if you decide to implement them. Which one will you try out first? Let me know in the comments below! And if you found value in this training, share it with your team!

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