Do you know leaders who are making a difference in the world and in other people’s lives?

I know that thousands and eventually tens of thousands of people’s lives will be more exciting, secure and fulfilled because of the courage of leaders like Al Bala, Lisa Grossmann, Brian Carruthers, Adam Green, Efrosyni Adamides, John Holowaty, Darin Kidd, Sharon McDonald, Jeff Altgilbers, David Skultety, Leisa Cutler, and Ricardo Jimenez featured in The Four Year Career® Heroes Edition.

They have taken on the challenge of opening a difficult window … one that often appears to be painted shut or permanently jammed.

A window that, once opened, provides access to people who might otherwise have missed a successful introduction to our world of endless possibilities

These twelve individuals have each experienced their own dramatic change in attitude. 

I remember the stories of these Heroes and their struggles. Today these leaders are crystal clear about the power of their opportunities. 

They have, or fully expect to build, a network worth millions, and they are leading (i.e. inspiring, challenging, training and coaching) others to do the same. 

These leaders and their peers are on track to shatter the cultural paradigm of expectations for income, fun, friends, contribution and fulfillment. 

For the source of accelerated change in results comes from their willingness to give up an old perspective about the world and look for a new one to propel them forward.

What do you see

See how the city has changed?

One can gain valuable insights about propelling oneself through life by visualizing this simple illustration.

Progress is often a problem because of a tendency to believe we are already on the top floor … that we already see all there is to see.

Take a moment to consider the impact of a 102nd-floor decision versus a 10th-floor decision.

Now go one step further and understand that life is an elevator with an infinite number of floors.

You can just keep going … each new floor provides access to another. Each time you look out on your world (i.e. your business, health, family, friends, and yourself), it will all look different. 

Bliss Business is all about riding the infinite elevator …  teaching people to trust that what they believe can change.

And through change, enjoy the rich rewards of one’s own courage.

Thank you, Al Bala, Lisa Grossmann, Brian Carruthers, Adam Green, Efrosyni Adamides, John Holowaty, Darin Kidd, Sharon McDonald, Jeff Altgilbers, David Skultety, Leisa Cutler, and Ricardo Jimenez for having the courage to pursue your dreams.

I believe in you,

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