I had a young man reach out to me last night sharing his struggles in network marketing and wanting some coaching. Typically I can’t reply to the tremendous number of messages I receive daily but I made an exception and sent him this…

Hey (name deleted for privacy)

Gotta be quick here. Normally I can’t reply to the dozens of messages I receive daily but I see your desire and commitment. Now we’ll see if you’re coachable…

First off – shave. Your facial hair is scraggly and makes you look like a young thug. You could likely never recruit a professional looking the way you do. (Most would never be honest though and tell you) If you still have the tongue ring, take it out and throw it away. Present yourself so that someone my age would say “damn this kid is sharp as hell.”

I watched a couple of your videos – great content. You are developing the mindset I see. Develop the body as well and just start with this for the next 182 days. Do pushups every day. Literally every single day. Never miss a day. Day one – Test how many you can do at one time without stopping and put a note in your phone. Each day mark how many you do per day. In 182 days message me back letting me know how many you can do at once without stopping and how many you started with.

Get a full-time income outside of network marketing to cover your bills. When you’re in financial scarcity mode, that will transfer to your prospects. I tried going full time before I had the money to do so and it never worked. This is a major mistake many make and it’s why it leads to them quitting altogether. Work 9-5 (or so) to cover your bills, then 5-12 to make your fortune. You should be working 80 hours a week at your age.

Keep up the videos.


You’d have to understand the long message he sent to understand my reply 100% but here’s a couple points…

First, look sharp. If you’re young and look sloppy, you’re at a huge disadvantage. You’ll only ever recruit other sloppy people.

However, when you’re young, and present yourself as sharp as hell, people admire you because you stand out. When you’re young and impressive, being young is an advantage, not a disadvantage.


What the hell does that have to do with network marketing?

In his videos, I see he’s personally developed. But there is a lack of confidence that comes through. He’s struggled for 5 years without any major results. When your body is strong and operates like a machine, it gives you confidence in every other area. For him, doing pushups every day will give him a win. It may not be a network marketing win, but any win builds confidence and that will transfer to his confidence in business.

Get a J.O.B.?? Absolutely. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know my stance on abundance versus scarcity. It’s tough to live in abundance when you can’t pay your bills or support yourself, let alone your family. (Side note: him shaving and removing that ridiculous tongue ring will help him be able to get a job)

Quick bonus lesson:

As a leader, it’s important that you give it to people straight and be brutally honest. Sugar coating things to people who are struggling will only cause them to struggle longer.

Many times people can’t see the forest through the trees and they’re blind to the things holding them back.

Our job as a leader is to help remove the blind spots.

Some will be offended no matter how kind you are when you point out their blind spots. I’m always willing to offend in order to serve. Leadership isn’t always about being the most liked. It’s about doing what leaders do – coach.

Second bonus lesson:

When someone isn’t coachable, don’t coach them.

I learned this almost 20 years ago…

When I give a coaching task whether it be pushups, shaving, reading a book, etc., if they don’t follow my coaching, it will be the last time I ever coach them.

Coach the coachable and don’t waste your energy on those unwilling to be coached.

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Lots of love,

Matt Morris
#1 Best Selling Author of The Unemployed Millionaire

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