Every “trying,” struggling, burned out, failing Network Marketer has this core belief:

It is NOT what they want … but it IS what they believe.

Conversely, every joyous, powerful, fun-loving, successful Network Marketer has this core belief:

It IS what they want, and it IS what they believe.

Those who hold the negative belief create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The more people who tell them no, the more depressed, weak and negative their invites become, creating more no’s.

Those who hold the positive belief create in line with it.

The more people who tell them no, the more fired up they get KNOWING they are closer to a YES … therefore creating more yes’s

The best way to demonstrate this is with a deck of cards … a legitimate, untouched, fully shuffled deck of cards.

Are you sure?

How much would you bet on it?

What we are going to do is assign an entrepreneurial value to each card.

      • 2’s through 6’s are negative.
      • 7-10’s are “Maybes” … time wasters, for they give us the dope of HOPE.
      • Face cards are positive … they want to get involved, but they keep getting distracted.
      • Aces are READY … they are ON FIRE, ready to rock and roll. They GET IN.

475,000 people a WEEK enroll in a Direct Selling Association member company around the world.

If you interviewed all 475,000 of them a week before they’d ever heard about their chosen opportunity, and asked if they would ever join a company like that … 95% of them would say NO. Not ever.


And yet they DO. Why?

      • Financial Upside
      • Community
      • Fun
      • Education
      • Personal Growth
      • Relationships
      • Travel
      • Adventure
      • FIRE … Everyone wants to warm themselves on a group of people ON FIRE.
      • Your percent might be 5%  
      • Mine might be 10%
      • Someone else’s might be 15%

The FACT is, we all have a PERCENT.

And that PERCENT creates the FACT that the more people who tell us no, the closer we are to our YES.

And then just HOLD ON. 

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I believe in you,

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