Beginnings are always hard, aren’t they?

Too many new entrepreneurs get discouraged when they first launch their business. So many voices in your head make you wonder if it’s the right thing to do, if you’re ever gonna be successful, if you’ll finally get to live your dream life. The only way to find out is to go for it and go for it fast. 

Success loves speed. That’s why launching or re-launching your business is so powerful.

  • But how can you get the most of it, if you’ve already got a business?
  • And how can you help your newest recruits create smashing success?

Inside this training, you’ll find effective tips on what you can do and what you can teach your newest team members to do before they even officially launch, so that they can start their network marketing business like a true boss.

Let’s get to it!

Pre-Launch Like a Boss: What to do Before Launching Your Network Marketing Business

#1. Know Your “WHY”

Here’s the number one question you need to answer:

WHY are you starting this business? 

Whether you want financial freedom, to fire your boss, to pay off your debt, to retire your spouse or to travel the world, you need clarity. And you need to let people know why you’re so excited.

Here’s a pre-launch script you can use:

“Hey, [name], I’m reaching out because I’m launching something new. I’m really excited about it because it’s going to pay off my debt/retire my spouse/help out my parents/put my kids in private school.”

PRO Tip: Get ready to deal with haters, negative friends and family or business partners who want to quit. When that happens, remember the reason you got started and that people relate to people. That’s why sharing your WHY is so powerful!

#2. Talk to as Many People as Possible

As Grant Cardone says, “if you want to 10X your business, you have to talk to 10 times the people you’re currently talking to.” 

You can’t do both excuses and results. When you’re launching your business, hit it hard and hit it fast. You’ve got to be fearless and reach out to people. Don’t just hope that someone will suddenly reach out and ask you about your opportunity. Sure, that might happen. But that’s the exception, not the rule.

PRO Tip: How many of your Facebook friends have you exposed to your product or opportunity? If you want to 10X your business but you haven’t talked to 90% of your contacts, you’re not really serious. So start reaching out to people! 

#3. Give People Structure

When getting started, it’s important to give people simple steps to get the ball rolling. Make sure you:

  • Have scripts and checklists in place to explain the money-making activities
  • Teach them how to use the tools
  • Know they understand the compensation plan 
  • Help them map out a plan of how much money they want to earn and how to get there.

PRO Tip: They don’t need to know all the details to make a rough plan. Don’t overwhelm them, but also don’t expect them to understand and handle everything from the start. Teach them how to reach out to prospects, set up group chats and where to find all the information they need. 

#4. Do Group Chats 

Who wants to be on the phone all day long doing three-way calls and not being able to help the rest of their team?

Not us, for sure.

We still call someone who wants to partner with every now and then. But when it comes to customers, we get them in Facebook group chats. It’s a smart way to talk to more people and answer questions. Plus, they can see the testimonials and get to know the upline.

Here’s what you could say:

“Hey, [name], I’m reaching out to some of my best contacts before I share this with the world. I’m launching something new and I’m really excited about it. If you’re open to taking a peek, let me know. I’ll get you plugged into our private hidden Facebook community. If not, no big deal.”

#5. Teach Them the ATM System

The ATM Facebook Group Strategy is a revolutionary method we use to build our home business. ATM stands for Add, Tag, Message.

Here’s how it works: you first Add people into a private hidden Facebook group. Next, you Tag them in an announcement post or a video that explains what your company/product is all about. Finally, you Message them to follow up and see what they liked best.

Want to know more about the ATM system works and how you can implement it in your business? >>> Click here to get all the details!

#6. Introduce People to Your Opportunity and Upline

Get prospects to learn about the products and opportunity and meet your upline ASAP. One of my teams is currently in pre-launch mode, and they’re putting me in Facebook group chats every day. 


The sooner they introduce me to humans, the sooner they’re going to make money. 

#7. Get Them to Work Together

Part of the reason our organization crushes it every single month is our people work together and have accountability partners. They run together, build together, do group chats together and motivate each other.

Encourage your team members to have accountability partners and you’ll see the difference this will make to your business!

#8. Promote Your Launch

Launch your business before the products arrive on your doorstep to get your audience excited and curious. Share a post with a selfie and create buzz:

“OMG, I did something I’m super excited about. Stay tuned for all the juicy details.” 

Don’t forget about live videos. Here are three video ideas you should apply:

  • WHY video – in it, you announce why you’re starting a new business and the reason why you chose your company (don’t mention the name)
  • WHAT video – do this one when your products arrive (for example, an unboxing video) 
  • WOW video – simply wow your audience with the results you (or someone you know) are getting (“wow, these products are amazing!”)

We call this the 3D-W Facebook Launch Formula and it works wonders!

#9. Automate Your Processes

Back in the day, we worked more because we didn’t have systems in place. Nowadays, we work smarter because we have tools and resources, and we learned to automate most of our processes. The business runs smoother, and we enjoy more freedom.

So think about the strategies and tools you can use to build a solid system and automate the processes you have.

#10. Keep Going

We may be in the Top 100 Network Marketing Income Earners, but God knows, we’ve been rejected way more than you have. But here’s what we learned: a NO is not forever—it’s just no, not now/not yet.

It means the timing isn’t right, so you just have to be consistent and keep going. Eventually, after you’ve built your credibility, you’ve earned people’s trust and the timing is right, a NO will turn into a YES!

The best advice one can give you when you’re launching your business is to be proactive and lead by example. Don’t sit back and rely on other people. Look for runners you can run with!

These were the best tips to pre-launch your network marketing business like a boss! Have you launched or re-launched your business? What were the results you got? Let us know in the comments below! And if you found value in this training, share it with your teammates! Someone might need to hear this!

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Feel free to share this with anyone who might enjoy it and also comment below on your favorite tip or your biggest takeaway. We can’t wait to see your comments!

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