There are so many ideas and philosophies that are considered best business practices in network marketing today, that make no sense in the real world.

I am just shocked at how as a profession, we let this happen.  Remember a few years ago when all the self-proclaimed network marketing gurus where telling the masses they needed to have a blog and needed to be blogging every day if they want “to be perceived to be a network marketing professional”  

What a load of crap that was as I discussed in detail in this video.

Article here -> Why Blogging is a Waste of Time for 99% of Network Marketers

Another accepted “best business practice” in network marketing is basically at no time should you ever speak to anyone you ever met in any network marketing company about an opportunity or tool that may benefit them.  If you do you are poaching distributors!

W H A T?

If you do, you are poaching and that is illegal, or so they would have you think.

In the real world, when an executive leaves KIA Motors because a manager at Lexus offers them a better job, we consider that to be normal business practice. 

And of course, it happens daily in the real world.  But for someone reason that is not allowed in network marketing?

My attitude has always been when team members leave us to go somewhere else ……… if you think you can do better there with the support, team culture and training we have provided you here – ……. Go for it and don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out!

I have a distributor who recently RESIGNED from her previous company and was sending her promotions to people she had met during her time there.  This is a text she received.

Ms.Name Changed,   are you aware that this is considered cross-recruiting?

By definition according to one well respected MLM attorneys Wellman & Warren…. cross-recruiting occurs when a distributor uses contacts that he or she develops while working at one MLM company to solicit distributors to join a competing company.

When a independent distributor of a Network Marketing company decides to jump from one company to another and begin influencing a large number of the previous company members and customers into their own new MLM opportunity this is considered “Cross-Recruiting

Even though you aren’t “asking”… you are soliciting to a person you met in XYZ Company
This could get you in trouble ??
I’m so sorry you have left.  Great things are happening!
Much love ??

Is this not the most ridiculous business philosophy you have ever heard?

What kind of trouble?

By Who?

For What?

This is common business practice that happens in the real world every day.

It is just appalling to me how many philosophies have been propagated throughout this industry by weak, wimpy, leaders with a scarcity mentality in order to try to hang on to their check.

Real leaders develop other leaders and cultures that inspire greatness, not appeal to mediocrity.

I just ran into this last week with a Plexus “leader” Helen McFadden, and devoted an entire podcast session to the topic of Poaching distributors.

You can hear it online here:

Am I missing something?

Sincerely, it is these types of warped philosophies that have infiltrated the profession over the past twenty years that make the real world look at us like we are all crazy, and frankly, I don’t blame them.

Leaders need to  wake up and understand it is your job to provide the team culture and systems that will allow those that want to go to work to grow and thrive within your companies compensation plan.   This is not a popularity contest it is a business. 

The game is not won appealing to the mediocrity in people and hoping they stay on auto-ship one more month!  It is about challenging them and inspiring them to become all they can become and giving them the tools and team culture to make that happen.

Blogging daily, poaching distributors, raiding downlines, are you kidding me?  LEAD YOUR TEAM!  Help them get what they want and dynamite will not take them out of your business!

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