Primary Objectives of Epixel Software Epixel Solution has a team of dedicated professionals to serve the world wide clients by delivering full featured software that profits their business. We conduct many research programs with top skilled engineers for to analyse the best platform to build web mobile applications. Here are […]

Working of Unilevel MLM Plan

Compensations in Unilevel MLM Plan Unilevel MLM plan is the easiest of the MLM plan to understand. This MLM Plan allows one line of distribution where each of the distributors can sponsor as many distributors as they like and all these distributors will be on their frontline (i.e no spillover). […]

Tailored MLM Software by Epixel Team

Get tailored services offered by the certified experts Business is loaded with complications and withstanding the issues is possible when people follow the proper way and ideal sources. There are innumerable software that ensures profits and even enhances the chance of gaining amazing returns. Every business entrepreneur tends to gain […]

Must have features of MLM software

On quick glance, it might appear that all MLM software is pretty much the identical, offering easy member sign up the process through the secure gateway, multi-language and currency tool, E-mail delivery system on joining, welcome letter, invoice, rewards etc. However away from these attributes lie dozens of other features, […]

Choose Best MLM Software

How to Choose best MLM Software? Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) software was originally designed to help businesses build and maintain complete control over it. A best MLM software should have myriad of tools which let you manage following responsibilities. Manage Distributors and customers Configure compensations parameters Set rank advancement criteria Track […]