Everybody’s on social media and everybody wants to know how to get attention. Why? Because money follows attention.

So if you get really good at getting attention, captivating it, and then building relationships on the back end, you’re going to crush it.

The question is, would that help your business?

And the answer is – absolutely! 

So if you’re ready to elevate your reach on social media, so that you can convert it into more business and sales, this training is for you!

These are our top 5 all-time best social media posts types to up your engagement, to increase your bottom line, and to raise some eyebrows, and bring more customers and more teammates to your business!

All right, let’s do this!

Our Top 5 All-Time Best Post Types for Social Media

Disclaimer: This training might get a little technical but we’re sure you’re going to appreciate it. We’re always looking for the best ways to bring to you the big picture and the best strategies that duplicate. Because in network marketing, it’s not about what works, it’s about what duplicates. So take notes and let’s crush it!

#1: Live Videos

Over the last 7 years, Live videos have been our #1 way to build a personal brand, to build a following, and to build an audience. In fact, it started off as us doing pre-recorded videos because there was no such thing as Live video at the time.

What’s more, despite the many algorithm changes that happen almost monthly, Live videos are still the most dominant way for you to crush it on social media.

You can do Live videos on Instagram and even LinkedIn now. This is great because you just never know who’s watching and who’s going to share your video or come across your content.

One of the coolest things that you can do is jump into the comments of an older Live video (say, from a year ago or even four years ago), drop a comment, and all of a sudden it’s back in people’s newsfeed. They’re re-engaging and that’s freaking powerful!

And the best part of any Live video is that:

a) you can go Live on your profile, on your Business page, and in your Groups
b) after it’s over, you can take that video, chop it up and repurpose it for a podcast, Watch Party, IGTV, YouTube, and/or a blog post.

Insider Tip: Do you have to do Live videos? No. But many of the most successful people we know in this space are doing Live videos.

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#2: Stories 

Stories were initially launched as their own platform (that’s how Snapchat blew up). Now, any major social media platform has them – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, even LinkedIn! It’s crazy.

And what’s really powerful is the way you structure your Stories to actually create curiosity. So what can you do to raise eyebrows in the marketplace around your product or your business, and most importantly what can you take to your team and teach it to them?

There are 4 points to keep in mind:

1. Have a hook 

Ask an interesting or a qualifying question. For example, you can ask:

  • How many of you struggle with _______?
  • What’s your favorite time of year?
  • How many hours a night do you sleep?

Facebook, Instagram – they all want people to spend more time on their platform. So when you do polls and you use their different features, they will promote your content!

You’ve got to build relationships and you’ve got to engage in conversation. If there’s no dialogue and if you’re not having real authentic interactions with your people, then what are you doing on social media?

Too many people struggle because they’re just coming at their audience guns blazing, pitching and selling, or they never even create conversations. Rather, they’re just sitting back, twiddling their thumbs and waiting for people to come to them. That doesn’t work. Be proactive.

2. Share the benefits and/or the results

Think of fun ways to do that. Share your results, your customers’ or your teammates’ stories!

3. Show them how it works

Do you have a product that’s really easy to take? It could be a packet that you put in water, shake it up and that’s it!

Legit show your people the simplicity of your product!

4. Have a CTC (call to comment)

You can have so much fun with this! For example, you can have a poll and then say, “Want to know more details/more deets?” And then the first option could be “OBS” (obviously), and the second option could be, “Yes, please!” So in both cases, you have positive responses!

After that, keep track of who’s watching your Stories and respond to them.

PRO Tip: Stick to the 80/20 rule! 80% of the time show up with value, with something funny and relatable. Then 20% of the time use this structure to nonchalantly promote your product. And remember to never show the name of your product or company! It drives people crazy and they want to know more!

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#3: Giveaways

Do you like deals and giveaways? We love them! Especially, when it’s somebody that we know on social media!

And the coolest part is that if you Google, “giveaway ideas” there are so many different directions that you can go into.

For example, what one of our team leaders does is that she polls her audience on the gift they want to receive. Post a picture of yourself holding your various products (while hiding their names) and write something simple like, “Hey, I’m doing a giveaway. Which would you rather have as a prize?”

It’s a really fun, nonchalant way to promote your products and engage with your people! 

Giveaways are money in the bank. And they’re an easy way to get a ton of attention on social media!

Another cool example is when we posted this message:

  • “If you won $5,000 today, what would you do with the money?”

Now, of course, a lot of people are just straight up answering that question. But what we did a few hours later, after the post got some traction, was to drop in the comments and say:

  • “We are doing a $5,000 giveaway this month. All you have to do is a simple post on your wall. Let me know if you would like the details, so you can get entered into the drawing.”

But it doesn’t have to be $5,000. You could give away $50, one of your products, or a Starbucks gift card. It doesn’t matter – it’s all about getting that conversation going and then finding ways over time to become effective!

#4: TikToks & Instagram Reels

TikTok is what started this whole trend and then Instagram brought it on as Reels.

So TikTok is a social media video app that allows you to create and share short clips of you doing funny sketches. There’s a lot of lip-syncing, dancing, or providing value in an interesting way. All in all, it’s a really neat way to create videos.

When we first dove into the platform, we really loved the creativity. But if you don’t know what to create, you can just model what other people are doing.  The whole point of that app is that you see what’s working and then you make your own version of that video.

You can speed your videos up, you can slow them down, you can chop them up with ease. There’s no need for complicated tools or strategies! Can we get an amen?!

And what’s interesting about TikTok is that you can create an account today and go viral almost immediately (unlike on other platforms). We have people on our team who are crushing it on TikTok! One of our top producers has over 100,000 followers (in about 1 year) and just one of her videos got 64,000 hearts, 9,200 shares, and 500 comments. And through that video, she acquired 200 customers! That’s crazy!

Do you want to know more about TikTok and how you can use it to crush it in your business? >>> Check out our training about it! 

#5: AWE Picture Posts

AWE is an abbreviation and here’s what it stands for.

A – Awe-inspiring before and after

We constantly keep track of what works for other people and we look at our own statistics of what people are enjoying the best on social media. Usually, it’s some kind of transformation. It doesn’t have to be a crazy drastic result.

The truth is, people buy results. So create a picture (or a TikTok) that showcases that transformation in a really cool way!

W – Win-tastic gratitude result

This is a great way to showcase how well you’re doing without being braggadocious.

For example, if you’re buying your dream home or you’re paying off your debt, start by talking about:

  • where you came from;
  • how things used to look like;
  • what you’ve been through.

Why? Because people want to know that they can have the glory, but they need to know the story. So share what you’ve experienced and the challenges you’ve been through. Recognize the struggle and how grateful you are for the people who supported you or the people who mentored you.

PRO Tip: Don’t be afraid to talk about your struggle. Even if you’re not buying your dream car yet, that’s all right. Take people on the journey with you and think about this: “if somebody just stumbled upon this video/post and it’s their first introduction with my brand, would I be proud of that?”

E – Enter-training 

We are huge fans of enter-training because we love to learn and we love to laugh! Because if we’re not laughing, we’re probably yawning through our noses.

So when in doubt, just have fun with it.

These were our top 5 best post types for social media! What was your biggest takeaway? And what is going to be the one thing you’re going to put into work right away? Because at the end of the day, that’s all that counts.  Let us know in the comments below! And if you found value in this training, share it with your teammates! 

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