Feels so good to be writing this sitting on the top floor balcony overlooking the ocean here in Mexico. Seeing the palm tree’s swaying in the wind. Watching the waves crashing into the beach. Smelling the fresh scent of salt as I feel the breeze on my face.

As I look back at the kids in the room reading their books as we wait for room service to deliver breakfast to our penthouse suite, I can’t help feel immense gratitude for my life

It’s pretty damn cool.


What I want… right now… is for YOU to be enjoying the time and money freedom to enjoy experiences like this.

You see, fulfillment in life doesn’t come simply from what you get. It comes much more from what you give.

Yes, I could give away all my money to people who don’t have any. But then I wouldn’t have any money and neither would the people I give it to soon after they’ve spent it.

So what I have to give is coaching and mentorship through my daily emails, books, products, courses and of course from those I mentor in network marketing. It allows me to fulfill my mission of helping network marketers become powerful influencers.

I had a comment on one of my posts the other day saying something to the effect of:

“It’s disappointing that you constantly try to sell me things.”

First, I have MUCH more free content than I have content I charge for. The vast majority of my posts are not attempting to sell anything at all.

But I do sell.

And here’s why…

It’s my obligation.

What got me to become a multi-millionaire is investing in myself. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in education. Much of what I bought was crap. Sold from “trainers” who had never really done it but made their living training others on how to do it.

Because my products are DAMN GOOD and they produce RESULTS, when I do sell (which isn’t all the time by any means) I sell hard.

Bottom line is… I sell because I’m PROUD of what I sell.

Are you proud of what you sell?

Does your product help people? Make a difference in people’s lives? Allow people to live more prosperous, exciting and happy lives?

If so, it’s your moral obligation to sell so you can help people.

Do you agree?

Good! In that case, I’ll press on with another coaching point…

If you have an issue with people selling, you’ll always have an issue with selling yourself. By resenting salespeople, you will carry that negative energy with you whenever you try to sell and you’ll sabotage your results.

Be proud. Be bold. Help people. Feel good. And GO FREAKING SELL!

Matt Morris
#1 Best Selling Author of The Unemployed Millionaire

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