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With this new decade, the industry of direct selling will begin to see newer trends that will take it to the next level. An already well-established industry where the prospects for the future see it becoming twice as large as it is, the top direct selling marketing companies in India expect to see a new wave of young blood bringing in brighter and better ideas. This is why these new trends may be the reckoning of the new face of direct selling as we know it.

Here Are Some New Trends of Direct Selling in 2020:

  • Mix of Offline and Online

Even in this day and age, the divide between people buying offline and people shopping online stays at a mid point of 50–50. This balanced trend of online and offline shoppers adds value to the overall plan of dividing the effort between the two sides, while also trying to bridge the gap between them.

Internet was made to bring people together, and it has done a great job at it. Amidst this, the mode of communication that the internet provides is going to see a great rise in direct selling. Including these channels into your network marketing business plan will surely earn you a number of add-on advantages. These may include personal branding, lead generation, and following up mediums.

The trend so far has only made the belief of investors strong in network marketing, if not anything else. With high-return and probability of greater success, investors are attracted to the business, a trend that will see more traction in this decade.

  • Status of Self-Employment

Most importantly, the representatives of the business get the tag of being a self-employed individual. This is why direct selling and network marketing caught on as serious trends. It keeps the person dedicated as their brand is the dream that they have always wanted to build.

  • Saying Goodbye to Obsolete Trends

With newer and better technology and techniques, the field is getting more and more even for everyone. With the older and obsolete trends out of the window, the people who are on the bandwagon of these new trends are the absolute winners.

The old school compensation plans had a failure point which is why most of them never really took off for a lot of people. With the time evolving and better innovators joining the race to success, the compensation plans are transforming to be more inclusive. This includes newer models like binary, uni-level, etc in direct selling platforms.

As the world moves towards becoming a bigger, better, and faster network of mobile phones and mobile devices, the potential of a direct selling business keeps increasing. Slowly and steadily, mobile phones are replacing larger devices in their speed, connectivity, features, and potential, which makes them a great tools for marketing and research.

If you are on top of these trends in the year 2020, and the years to come after that, you are gonna surface up like a winner in these scenarios. Marketing has always been about staying ahead of the curve, and these trends will help you stay far ahead of the curve of success in the field of network marketing.

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