If you have heard any of the podcast we do each week, training webinars, or have hear me at speek live at an event, you have probably heard me say:

“Network Marketing is a Leadership Development business, your long term income is in direct proportion to the number of leaders, that are DEVELOPED on you team”

I have probably quoted Brian Tracy’s quote on leadership more than he has said it himself

For well
over 35 years I have been teaching network marketing distributors to throw away
their vitamin Bible and start studying leadership.

I have never
seen a profession that has distorted the meaning of a word worse than network
marketing has distorted the word leadership.

If we look
at what has really happened to the network marketing profession, and companies
over the past several years, it really comes down to the lack of developing new
leaders.  This has become an industry
wide epidemic.

We call those who can attract a following a leaders.  However just because someone can attract a
group of followers does not mean they are a leaders.

The easiest way to attract followers is to tell them what they want to hear,
and don’t challenge them. 

The truth is you leadership abilities ultimately will determine your long term
income in network marketing.  Yes you can
make a few hundred dollars a month learning how to market products and
gathering a few dozen followers, but you will not even scratch the service of
the income potential the network marketing business model offers.


Real network marketing leaders have many above average qualities, but great leaders have 3.


There is no room for those who attempt to fake it till they make it in
network marketing or anyone who aspires to reach any leadership capacity in any
organization.   The profession went
through a stage where distributors where taught to go on YouTube and call
yourself a network marketing consultant, a small business consultant, or
attraction marketing specialist.

  •  Communicate with Strong Logic and no Hype

Your goal is to find people that have the ability to develop themselves into strong leaders, and be direct, and tell them the truth.   Followers will follow anybody that Hi-5’s them, strokes their ego and calls them a Rockstar.  Future leaders see behind the curtain, and they understand what is going on.  Your future leaders are repelled by those that recognize mediocrity instead of inspiring greatness.

3) Care about People  One of my mentors Jim Rohn said it well.    People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.  He also said. “You must love people enough to tell them what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear”

Thing about these first 3 characters as they relate to Martin Luther King.

Authentic, Communicate with Logic, Value Focused Cared About People. Doesn’t this describe these two and many other well respected leaders around the world?

Or  Mahatma Gandi 

Finally network marketing leaders understand that …………..

4)  SYSTEMS DUPLICATE, PERSONALITY DOESN’T    If you have transferable skills when you enter the profession
that allows you to get your business off the ground, most of the people that
enter you team, won’t.  That is why the
only way to build a duplicating team of people is with systems.

Real leaders understand this, and they work on mastering systems, that can be
duplicated throughout their organization.

7 Steps To Becoming A Leader In Network Marketing

1. Learn, Master, & Teach Systems. The most Important question a future leader will answer is who is their mentor.

2. Find the Right Mentor and Master their Systems.   In any niche, that is not a good idea to find people who have built huge followings in the niche and study them. This is a mistake, don’t look for those with large followings, look for leaders who have a proven track record of developing other leaders.  Does that make sense?  Sound logical, however it is not the path most network marketing distributors take.

Trust me, you don’t want to try and just figure everything out by yourself. 

3. Read daily and develop yourself. Whether it’s reading a chapter of a great book like Think And Grow Rich everyday or listening to empowering audios done by other leaders, just take 20-60 minutes per day and make it a goal to be a little bit better person by the end of each day. Personal development is the ultimate leadership secret.

Network marketing is a personal development program with a compensation plan attached. 

A couple of months ago one of our Network Marketing Leadership Academy members called me and said you have to hear this.  He had a network marketing leader cued up talking about he never really paid any attention to Jim Rohn or any personal development speakers.

He said, can you belive that?  I said, I could have told you that. 

All great leaders where first great students.  They are always quoting personal development legends and their mentors.

4. Host
something live every week.
 Do a live webinar, Google Hangout,
conference call, etc. at least once per week for your leads and/or team. When
you host something live every week, people start seeing you as a leader who is
in charge of helping others succeed and you will develop great
speaking/presenting skills from consistently doing this.

5. Post
results and testimonials about what you’ve done.
that really proves to people that you’re a leader is having other people vouch
for you in testimonials talking about the impact you’ve had on their lives.
Also, when you get results, whether it is a lot of leads, ridiculous conversion
rates, lots of sales, etc. post proof of that so others can see.

makes people want what you have and pull the trigger to do business with you.  More important is to find a ways to promote
and recognize those on your team that are progressing, growing, and moving

6. Be
confident in yourself.
 Confidence is a powerful force and when
people see it in your demeanor, they are attracted to you and curious about
what you do. Think how your favorite leaders would act in different situations,
but still add your personality to that.

When you have the right mentor, the right systems, and you are will to work
towards you dreams daily and be accountable to YOURSELF, You of all people should
be CONFIDENT.  Did you hear me network
marketing training club members?


Becoming A leader in
network marketing is one of the best personal development experiences a person
can ever have in their life.  I am
talking about someone who really grabs the bull by the horns and maximizes their
personal leadership skills. 

Leadership attract future
leaders.  Those with leadership titles
attract followers who have no desire and no desire to ever become network marketing

Becoming a great leader makes
your team building work much easier. Think about it…The leaders are always the
ones that get to enjoy the finer things in life more than anyone. Of all
the mistakes in network marketing, don’t make the mistake of not
developing yourself into a leader.

Leadership is the highest
paid profession in the world.  Not just
in network marketing but in all business.  
Look at great companies, you probably know the leaders behind those

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