Confession time:

While I’ve been working out and eating pretty healthy… Since the pandemic hit in March, I haven’t been hitting it anywhere close to as hard as I have the past three or four years.

So I went in yesterday to get my body fat % tested.

I laid on the scanning machine (think something like a mini-MRI) and six minutes later it spit out a computer report with body fat vs lean muscle for every part of my body.

When the technician went through my report, I have to admit…

I was pissed.

I’m in the worst shape I’ve been in over three years.

I’m not overweight by any means… but I went from the ideal range for my age group and crossed over into a range with the name I despise…


Oh hell no.

I came home and wrote the following words:

“This shit stops now!”

I realized years ago the following truth of life:

You don’t get out of life what you want. You get what you’re willing to tolerate. 

The decision I made yesterday is that I will no longer tolerate anything other than being in ideal shape.

In less than an hour, I used my goal setting formula to create a specific, detailed and written action plan to get back to ideal shape in the next 30-60 days.

Will I succeed?


There is a 100% chance I’ll succeed and 0% chance that I’ll fail.

I would bet one million dollars that 60 days from now I’ll be back in the ideal range.

How can I be so certain?

Simple – I know how to train my mind to succeed through a specific goal setting process.

It’s a process that works.

It’s why I’ve been able to crush it for 20 years in network marketing… I simply follow my process.

If you want to know that process to create a specific, detailed and written plan to succeed, jump over to where you can download my book and save $32 off the price on Amazon.

Read read chapter 3 twice.

When you read page 41, you’ll understand how you can create the same certainty that I have when it comes to achieving goals.

Enjoy it!

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader and Trainer

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I have learned more from Matt Morris’s book, Seven Secrets of Success, than I have from that of any other leader in network marketing. His latest book is filled with practical strategies than any business owner can use to quickly grow their team and their customers. These strategies work!

-Lauren Gidley

I’ve been following Matt Morris for years. He is the ONLY leader in Network Marketing I listen to. There is a reason he’s become the number 1 income earner in every company he’s been involved with, a liquid millionaire before age 30, and has attributed over $2 Billion in sales.

Within the last 6 months, my income has doubled…

A large part because of the strategies shared in this book. I will forever be grateful for all the incredible information Matt puts out into the world. I’d recommend buying this book through his site though.

-Amazon user

Powerful stuff! Sometimes you read a book on something and it feels ok. But this book is like a splash of water into the face! It will be useful not only for network marketers but for anyone who’s on his way to success, wealth and prosperity. You literally feel uplifting energy when reading this book. Strongly recommend.

-Ruslan Sokolovskyi

This book lays out what you must do to master your mind and go to the top of your profession. I love that in the book Matt gives the steps and then has room for the activity so its not a do it later book. Instead it is a Do It Now book. If you are in Network Marketing or online business model this is a Must Read! Thanks Matt for showing us it’s possible and then giving us the 7 specific steps and strategies to take our game to the top!

-Joe Bowen

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