Primary Objectives of Epixel Software

Epixel Solution has a team of dedicated professionals to serve the world wide clients by delivering full featured software that profits their business. We conduct many research programs with top skilled engineers for to analyse the best platform to build web mobile applications. Here are some of the main objectives that Epixel follows in the development platforms:

  • Easy and Efficient interface
  • Capable to handle the traffic
  • Pluggable Modules, to add more features
  • Mobile first approach, for mobile friendly applications
  • Easy in integration
  • Automatic software updates
  • Global standard software

Identifying Technology

Our MLM Software Technical Architecture team choose PHP to build our Epixel MLM Software as it has many advantages over the rest of the platforms. PHP do not need any special browser as it is a server side technology and is very simple to use. This platform also offer many levels to prevent malicious attacks and supports various variety of graphics, XML, encryption.

  • Simple and easy to work
  • Huge community Support
  • Platform independent
  • OpenSource – Free to use
  • Integration with other technology
  • Top 10 Frameworks are in PHP
  • Easy to identify issues and fixing
  • Scalability – Ability to grow
  • Performance
  • Flexibility

Final Approach

In our various researches regarding multi level marketing, we found Drupal as the best.

Why Drupal is the right choice?

Drupal is a stable platform where you can build enterprise level software with best MLM Software Architecture. It is secure and reliable to handle vulnerabilities. Drupal comes with a strong and intuitive architecture that offers seamless experience for the users. Drupal is a full featured and innovative creation that can conquer the ever changing online marketing world. It is a leading-level platform for social publishing sites, ecommerce site and provides advance CMS and social capabilities. It is customizable to fulfill all the business requirements.

Drupal provides content management system with classified sites, wiki, e-commerce, forums and so on. It is designed to support user management, access control, tag management, ratings, comments and search services.

Reliability – Drupal is world’s top content management framework

Stability– It has improved stability and provides backward compatibility

Robust and convenience – Drupal sites have been precisely written, planned properly always opens the door to grow up. It is easy to develop the complex system in Drupal because of its architecture.

Flexibility – Customizable to any level to fit client requirements.

Scalability – You can extend your Drupal core to a higher level with a variety of contributed Drupal modules. Hook mechanism will help to extent the Drupal functionality by developing the custom modules. It can manage the largest, most high-traffic sites in the world. Drupal can keep up and ensure that your site’s available even when your business is really popular.

Drupal powers more than a million sites worldwide – Most of the world leading entrepreneurs use their enterprise website platform as Drupal.

Security – Drupal has been tested with strict security rules by experts and contributors to make sure it is built-in with strong security.

Open Source – There’s no money cost for people to use the software.

Powerful Content Management System – CMS empowers content authors to manage website contents to edit raw content with easy MLM Script. Drupal is an “out of the box” web content management tool as well as a customizable platform. Drupal is used to create real-world enterprise solutions that empower web innovation.

Other Important points

  • Huge collection of Contributed modules
  • Less Development time
  • Easy to Maintenance
  • SEO optimized
  • Easy integration with Drupal-Commerce and it is free
  • Reporting and analytic tools
  • Efficient user and role management
  • Integrate with external systems
  • Restful API and Web services development and integrations

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