Former CEO Konstantin Ignatov has been dismissed from the OneCoin class-action lawsuit.

The conditions of Ignatov (right) being dismissed from the case will see him

  • make himself available to Plaintiff’s lawyers and provide them with information relevant to their claims; and
  • agree to testify if called upon at trial.

The DOJ are able to sit in on any information debriefing between Ignatov and Plaintiff’s lawyers if they wish.

The stipulated dismissal also clarifies that

no compensation or payment to Plaintiffs or Plaintiffs’ counsel, other than the cooperation provided for herein, has been discussed, negotiated, or agreed.

The class-action continues against remaining defendants OneCoin LTD, Ruja Ignatova, Sebastian Greenwood, Mark Scott, Irina Dilinska, David Pike and Nicole Huesmann.

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