After a 2-hour gym session last night, I drove my dripping wet self over to my mom’s (who was babysitting) to pick up the kiddos…

She lives less than a mile away which is an amazing blessing.

Ravenous, I come into the house – “LET’S GO EAT KIDDOS!”

Apparently they had been scheming before my arrival…

“Can we do Studio Movie Grill Daddy, Zara pleads?”

“I don’t even know if they’re open with all the Covid stuff honey.”

“No – we want to do Studio Movie Grill at home!” Zara says as I see all three kids beaming with excitement.


“We want to make dinner!” Angelina chimes in.

“Ah, I see. Okay let’s roll” I say as I notice their little faces looking like they’ve just won a major contest.

As we get home, they don’t want me to see what they’re making so I just mix up a quick shake and head to the bathroom for a shower.

About 20 minutes later I come out and they’re almost finished with the first part…

“We’re having dessert before dinner” and they bring a huge plate over to me on the couch…

You’ll have seen it already if you follow me on instagram and Facebook (@mattmorrisadventure)

Edible slime, marshmallows, chocolate crepes and peanut butter. LOL

(This is why I knew to make a shake beforehand)

I just laughed and watched them eat the treats while I ate the peanut butter.

Shortly after, the pasta was ready and we had our real dinner.

So proud of my little chef’s.

At this point, you might be wondering…

Why the hell is Matt telling me this story?

Today I’m gonna let you in on my secret…

Every once in a while, I’ll get an email from a copywriter or marketer who, not understanding my crazy ways, will tell me I need to get to the point… That I shouldn’t take up so much time telling personal stories… that I should make it more about my reader and less about me.

And more:

Many tell me I shouldn’t email every single day… that it’s too much… that everyone will unsubscribe.

Here’s what they don’t realize…

I have one of the most highly engaged email lists in the marketing world…

Every single day, we average an over 30% open rate which is practically unheard of with a list of my size. Most marketers, myself included until I changed my strategy, are lucky to get email open rates of 10-15%.

Unsubscribes from emailing every day?

Sure we get some for sure. But the unsubscribe rate is shockingly low… So low that my email list grows every single day without fail.

The reason I share personal stories is the same reason I’ve shared them for 20 years when presenting my network marketing business and why I share them when I’m training…

Stories build a personal connection.

When you open up and can be transparent about your life, your prospects feel comfortable opening up and being transparent about their life.


You likely already know this and have heard it a thousand times…

People buy from those they know, like and trust.

Telling personal stories is one of the most powerful ways to build knowing, liking, and trusting.

Finally, and this is a big one…


My mentor shared these wise words with me 20 years ago…

“Be entertaining first and informative second.”

I don’t watch reality TV, but there is a reason why it’s become part of our entertainment culture. Providing a glimpse into your own personal life is interesting and entertaining to others.

I could go on but you get the point.

If you want to increase your closing ratio in network marketing…

If you want to build a stronger social media following to attract others…

If you want to make your training more impactful…

Share personal stories!

Got it?


Now that I’ve properly warmed you up sharing a personal story, given you something of value you can use toward your success, let me sell you something… (See how that works?)

  • If you’d like to learn how to massively ramp up your success and get mastery in the 6 key skills in network marketing…
  • Discover the secrets that have allowed me to crush it for 20 years becoming the #1 earner in 3 companies in my career…
  • Earn millyuns (spelled wrong on purpose for a specific reason I’ll share in another email) producing thousands of success stories…
  •  And become one of the most well known network marketing leaders in the world

Hop over to my 7-week video coaching program now and let me guide you to becoming a top earner.

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader and Trainer

Interview with the Unemployed Millionaire Matt Morris

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