I had a guy on my team years ago who was an early-retired factory worker.

He had everything it takes to do exceedingly well in network marketing…

He was super positive, massive ambition, good with people, understood network marketing having been in Amway for many years. He also served a very tough combat tour in the military so he was tough as nails and had great discipline.

And he did okay in the beginning. The team jumped to 30 or 40 people pretty quickly. But then things slowed down.

This was early in my career as a leader so when he came to me with his frustration, I went tactical.

I asked about his invite, his presentation, closing, how he got people started and gave him some really good coaching on how to improve things.

Only thing was, my coaching didn’t work. 

So I trained him again on a bunch of tactics again but nonetheless, still no improvement.

It was as if the picture he was seeing of himself was somehow a different version than the powerful leader I saw in him.


I decided to change strategies. I gave him a book to read that was related to re-defining your personal vision… the same concepts I eventually put into my own training that is more geared towards network marketers.

I started seriously questioning my ability as a leader because it seemed like I just couldn’t coach this perfectly capable man into the success I knew he deserved.

The one thing I noticed was that despite me admiring the hell out of him… I didn’t get the feeling that he admired the hell out of himself.

Because he was coachable, he read the book over the next few days and all of a sudden he was like a new man… a different gleam in his eye and his team started to grow pretty significantly.

I thought, DAMN, all I needed to do was have him read a book?!

What I thought was fascinating was how he started singing my praises and recognizing me as his mentor and gushing about what an amazing leader I was.

All because I gave him a resource to change the picture of what he saw in himself.

I tell you this story because, after 20 years of helping network marketers become powerful leaders, I understand that the shift you’re looking for is almost always “mental”.

You want more tactics and more how-to’s. And nothing wrong with great tactics… I teach the most powerful tactics in network marketing in my Millionaire School program…

But listen:

If how-to’s were enough, we’d all be rich, skinny and happy, wouldn’t we?

You’ll never change your outer world until you change your inner world.

The overriding picture you see when you look at yourself is largely what has determined your reality.

Ways to Manifest your Dreams into Reality

You see, my friend, you don’t get what you want, you get what you can picture.

Start picturing yourself as a powerful influencer and leader. Start seeing it not just as a dream but as a reality.

Yes, go out and get the tactical training and master the skills necessary…

But hear me:

The tactics will never work without the proper mindset to back them up.

If you see yourself as a struggling entrepreneur, you’ll always struggle. We manifest the picture we see in yourself.

If you have the desire to change your life, you can. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that, regardless of your background, you have what it takes.

    • You can travel the world. 
  • You can achieve financial freedom. 
  • You can make a positive impact in the lives of thousands of others.
  • You can invent a new reality.

If you’re serious about change, I’m about to give you a resource to put you on that path. This resource is going to let me get into your mind and re-wire some things to give you insights about becoming a more powerful version of you.

If you’re ready, go here: https://www.mattmorris.com/millionaireschool2/

Let’s do BIG things together!

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Trainer

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