Have you ever felt just completely in flow?

Motivated… charged up… where your words or actions seem to flow effortlessly and powerfully?

Over 25 years in network marketing, I’ve felt it hundreds of times and it’s such a great feeling.

Have you also just felt completely out of flow?

Stuck… frustrated… where you just feel like curling up in bed and taking a nap?

I’ve also felt that hundreds of times and I hate to admit, I’ve given in to that paralyzing feeling far too many times.

Simple Steps to Help You Get in the Zone and Be More Productive

This morning as I’m sucking down a huge cup of extra bold coffee overlooking the lake, I’m definitely not feeling the flow.

Normally, ideas pop into my mind after a few sips of coffee and I’m off to the races.

But not today.

For whatever reason, nothing insightful was coming to mind and I realized I’m stuck.

The first step to recovery is overcoming denial, right? ?

Thankfully, I’ve discovered how to go from stuck in the zone pretty quickly so I thought I’d bring you along on my mini-transformation process here I’ve done so many times.

Rather than continue to sit here being stuck, I know that if I want to get in the zone, it’s not going to come from me just sitting here thinking.

I can’t just wait for the flow to come… I have to LEAD myself into the flow.

How do I do that?

I just go.

Even if the action is not perfect… even if it sucks… I just go.

This may not be the most powerful blog post I’ve ever written but it’s a million times better than no blog post.

A prospecting call when you’re just not “feeling it” is a million times better than no prospecting call at all. 

Any type of action when you’re not in the zone, is a million times better than no action at all.

Because I pushed myself to take imperfect action today, I’m already feeling much more “in the zone”. The feeling of being paralyzed is gone as I feverishly type these words.

It would be amazing to never have feelings of being stuck. But I’ve never met anyone who stays in the zone at all times naturally.

The key is knowing how to get yourself there when you’re not feeling it.

Let’s do BIG things!

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader

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