Of the thousand or so people I’ve personally sponsored in my career, I typically have two main goals…

  • Get ’em producing (duplication)
  • Keep ’em in (retention)

And while it’s impossible to get everyone to accomplish both, I’m going to show you how I’ve greatly increased my percentages of success.

The way I’ve done that is by getting them results immediately within their first hour

If you’re wondering, “how the hell do you get them to make a sale within their first hour?” That’s not even what I’m talking about. (Although it is very possible and I’ve had it happen many times.)

What I’m referring to is getting them results in their mind.

Remember this…

All results develop first in the inner-world before they manifest in the outer world. 

When I dig into a new rep and have them pull out the reasons why succeeding is not just an option, but a MUST, they are much more likely to succeed.


Because they’ve brought their why to the front of their mind and they’ve pulled out a purpose that’s (hopefully) more powerful than the no’s they will inevitably receive.

This is why most hugely successful networking leaders talk so much about having a strong WHY for succeeding.

Your “why” is your dream.

Remember this…

Desire is the key to winning. 


Dreams are the fuel that fire desires.

Then I have them set an outcome for the next 90 days and one year… basically a goal.

The reason I want them to set a 90 day and even a one year goal, is because it gives them clarity in their mind as to what their life can look like in the next 90 days and one year.

They may not have manifested that goal in the outer world yet, but by having them develop those results in their mind, they are much more likely to:

And take note…

This is not a long two hour or even a one hour process…

This can be a quick 10 minute session where I simply ask the questions to help them create these results in their mind.

And mark my words… they will be much more likely to take action if you do this quick little exercise first.

Next, you need to get them duplicating.

If you’d like to know the specific leadership strategies (exact questions to ask and tasks to give new reps) for next-day and even same-day duplication strategies, you’ll want to hop into my 7 week video coaching program where I cover all of this in detail.

M-School is where I give you the deep psychological frameworks that lead to powerful motivation, duplication and top level leadership.

If you’re committed to learning the exact tactics, philosophies, and leadership strategies that lead to becoming a top earner, you’ll be blown away by what you learn over the next few weeks.

Let’s do BIG things!

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader and Trainer

PS – If you think M-School is expensive, I promise you it’s FAR less expensive than trying to build your business without knowing these strategies and trying to learn them the hard way over the next 20 years (which is how long it took me to discover all of the secrets I share in the program)

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