Early morning here in Mexico…

The kids are all still asleep and it’s just me and the sounds of ocean waves crashing.

I did just witness a brutal murder… A tiny little bird killed a giant moth. The biggest damn moth I’ve ever seen. It’s wingspan was about the size of the bird. The little red bird chased the moth all around the top of my balcony until it cornered it and then the bird just pecked it to death and flew away. (I would have tried to save the moth but it was far out of my reach.)

Who knew birds could be such savages?!

Anyway, I had a question come in…

“I’m so frustrated. How do I get people to stop quitting my team? Please help!”

Lemme just tell you…

El Mateo has been around the block a time or two in the last 25 years in Network Marketing and this is a question I wish I had the answer to.

Unfortunately, no one does. If they did, they’d be the wealthiest networker on the planet.

Tips on How to Stop Your Team from Quitting in Network Marketing

I’ll give you some tips to help today, but attrition is a truth to our profession that we must learn to live with.

Know this…

When I owned my own MLM company for five years, I hired the top retention expert in the industry. What I discovered is that industry wide, there is a 20% retention for representatives from year to year.

Some get more and some get less. But, on average, if 100 people join in July of this year, 20 will be active a year later and 80 will be gone.

That may sound like a tough pill to swallow. But, my friend, the truth is the truth. And… you can earn yourself piles of cash with the truth.

Here’s what can help:

1. Don’t over-hype your products, services or opportunities.

The #1 reason for quitting after thousands surveyed was false expectations.

They expected the opportunity to be easier or the product to be better.

Rule #1: The truth is good enough. 

2. From an opportunity standpoint, you need to have a fast start onboarding system for your team.

New representatives need to know WHAT to do so they don’t feel lost and helpless. I’ve always promoted a 4 step system for new folks (Invite-Present-Enroll-Train or some version of that) and I’ve pretty much always had a fast-start training video that covers those points.

You want to get new representatives into action quickly. A law of physics says “an object at rest tends to stay at rest. An object in motion tends to stay in motion.”

Get your new reps in motion quickly and they’re more likely to stay in motion.

Raise their belief…

On a scale of 1-10, you can get them in at a 6 but if you want to keep them and get them to do anything, you must move their belief to a 7.

This is done through introducing them to your upline, getting them to training events, and even other recruiting events to re-recruit them and raise their belief.

If you’d like a resource that goes deep into culture building, fast start training, psychology and retention building strategies, come jump into my M-School coaching program. It’s a 7-Week intensive that gives you the formula for becoming a powerful leader and maximizing retention in your team.

It’s hand-down the best core network marketing training in our profession which is why I receive completely unsolicited testimonials just about every single day. Usually multiple testimonies.

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Okay, time to wake up the kids and go play!

Matt Morris
#1 Best Selling Author of The Unemployed Millionaire

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