We’ve all been there…

Those times when deep down you want to be, but at the moment you just don’t feel charged up and motivated to go crush it in business and in life.

I’ve been there many times in my 25 year entrepreneurial career. But because I have the solution, I never stay in a motivational slump for long.

A motivational slump is almost always the cause of a lack of personal development.

Energy flows where attention goes.

When your focus is only on everyday life, (entertainment, social media, TV, the news, etc.) your motivation becomes “everyday”. Everyday life is average and it’s why most aren’t charged up and motivated for greatness.

If you want your motivational energy to change, re-focus some of your attention towards personal growth. Specially personal development books, audios, courses, etc.

When your attention goes towards motivation and growth oriented consumption, your energy follows that attention.

  • If I want to get motivated towards fitness, I focus on fitness related books, courses and audios.
  • If I want to get motivated towards network marketing, I focus on MLM related books, courses and audios.

Marketing – marketing related books, courses and audios. You get the idea.

Because, for the most part, I’m almost always consuming personal growth related content, I almost always have a huge drive to achieve deeper levels of success.

And because I know this principle so well, it’s why I write books and create courses…

You see, my mission is to help network marketers become powerful leaders. A huge piece of becoming a powerful leader is maintaining powerful levels of motivation and drive.

If you’re serious about maintaining a deeper level of burning desire to crush it in Network Marketing, hop over to https://www.7strategiesbook.com/ and use it to help fuel a burning fire of motivation and drive.

Let’s do BIG things!

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader

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