Just got off a coaching call with an incredible leader…

Her business has slowed down a bit and she’s looking to ramp it up so I coached her on “getting lucky” (among other things).

In my 20-year career of being full-time in our profession (after my 5 years of struggle), I’ve gotten lucky so many times.

And as you might guess, I don’t really believe in “luck” in the sense that great things just magically fall into your lap for no reason.

The “luck” I’m talking about is having great things fall into your lap FOR a reason

Now that we understand what I mean by “luck”, let’s get started, shall we?

Network Marketing Success Stories: How to Get Lucky

Here’s the way I’ve gotten lucky so many times.

Luck follows massive commitment and massive action.

If I look at the times in my career when I’ve made a huge commitment to going ALL-IN with an obsessive focus, AND backed up that commitment with massive action, it seems like things just magically fall in my lap.

Once I start prospecting like crazy, making calls like crazy, keeping my goals in front of me, tracking my daily actions, etc…

  • All of a sudden, I’ll have someone call me out of the blue that ends up with them joining my business and building big.
  • All of a sudden, someone on my team who’s just been plodding along will see that I’m excited and introduce me to someone who ends up becoming a strong leader.
  • All of a sudden, someone will watch one of my YouTube videos and tell me they want to get into network marketing and they end up building big or leading me to someone who does.

It’s crazy when these things happen but they seem to always happen AFTER I’ve made a huge commitment and backed up that commitment with massive action.

I know it’s not luck, but damn it sure feels like it.

So listen, my friend,

What you put out into the universe in a powerful way, comes back to you in a powerful way.

Here’s the challenge…

Sometimes it’s not on your timeline.

It’s always on God’s timeline.

You may be tested. It may take longer than you want… but if you’re willing to stay committed and continue with that commitment even when you don’t feel like it, you eventually get “lucky”.

Lots of love,

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader

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