Want to convert those likes and shares into sales? I don’t know about you, but we’ve been through it all…

… popping the question too soon;
… building rapport for too long;
… scaring people away by sounding like an infomercial.

Especially on Social Media where it’s way too easy to fall in one of those traps! But after a lot of trial and error, we found out there are a few secrets to converting likes and comments into sales like PROs. And since we don’t like to keep awesome stuff to ourselves, we put them together into what we call our CLOSE the LOOP formula.

In today’s training, we tell you everything about the formula and how you can use it to build rapport and maximize your chances to close prospects.

How to Convert Social Media Likes and Comments into Sales

First things first: your goal with social media is to open the loop and offer a preview to the movie. Don’t give away the ending and don’t mention the name of the company or the product. The whole point of network marketing is to create curiosity and make people reach out to you for more details. 

IMP: Make sure you let people know you have an opportunity as fast as possible! 

CLOSE the LOOP is an abbreviation that stands for a formula we established over the years. It combines solid strategies we teach our team and use in our business every day. Why? Because they’re easy to remember and duplicate! 


CLOSE the LOOP stands for:

C — Compliment & Connect
L — Lead with the Product or the Business
O — Obey Your Intuition
S — Share Your Story & Your Why
E – Expose, Involve, Upgrade

~ the ~

L — List of Exposures
O — Organize
O — Omnipresence
P — Persistent

Now let’s take them one by one, see what they mean and how you can apply them in your business.

#1. Compliment and Connect

The more you connect with prospects, the bigger the chance to close them. Go check out their Facebook profile, see who they are, find some common ground. Leave them comments or pay them a compliment about a recent achievement. Respond to people’s stories so you can get immediately in their inbox. That’s how you get closer.

#2. Lead with the Product or the Business

Based on the person’s bio and what you know by now (or what you see on their feed), decide whether you want to lead with the business or the product and how you’ll bring that up. 

  • Do they have their own business? Tell them about your opportunity.
  • Do they struggle with an issue your product can solve? (i.e. losing weight) Tell them about why your products are a perfect match.

PRO Tip: There are more people who eat at restaurants than own restaurants. The same is true in business. Most people are interested in the product rather than the business at first. That’s why we usually lead with the product. However, your business, your rules!

Now, don’t be afraid to bring up your opportunity. You could say something like:

“Listen, [name], I had to pop this question because I see your posts. You’re a go-getter, you get great engagement. I don’t know if you’ve ever made money on social media or done anything outside of what you do right now as a [prospect’s job]. But I had to ask you because we work with other people like you who managed to boost their income….”

#3. Obey Your Intuition

When reaching out to prospects on social media, you have to pay attention to everything. If someone’s giving you short, one-word responses or they seem like they’re in the middle of something, step back. You don’t wanna pursue someone who you feel is pulling back. Maybe they’re busy, or they don’t trust you yet.

#4. Share Your Story and Your Why

Trust is earned, right? One thing to keep in mind is people relate to people, not products. Stories sell. We connect to others through stories. That’s why you should always tell people your story and why you’re in business ( i.e. “I got started in this business because I wanted to pay off my debt and wake up when I’m done sleeping.”).

#5. Expose, Involve, Upgrade

The next step is to get your leads involved in the community. Expose them to your ATM groups and put them in group chats. 

The more group chats we do, the more money we make, for two reasons. One, we’re helping our downline enroll more customers. Two, once prospects become part of the community, a lot of them soon upgrade from customers to distributors.

PRO Tip: Using a system means Saving YourSelf Time, Energy and Money. Read more about how we duplicate our business and create massive results with the ATM System.

#6. List Your Exposures 


You want to keep track of every single human you reached out to. That’s how you know who’s ready to join you and who needs more time to decide. You can either use a journal or an online document and write down the name of everyone you get in contact with. 

#7. Organize

Good organization is the key to any long-term success. When you have everything under control and know all the people you’re talking to, you can then set reminders to follow up with them. After all, 50% of sales happen after the fifth follow up!

#8. Omnipresence

What does this even mean? You’ve got to be everywhere all at once. 

Focus on mastering the skill of repurposing content. For example, we’re using StreamYard to broadcast video on five platforms at the same time. We’ll upload the audio from this training, but we might also use it for our podcast. Or turn it into an IGTV. That’s what it means to repurpose content for different purposes and platforms—and it’s a powerful technique to be top of mind.

#9. Persistence

If you’re serious about your business, you need a long term winning vision.  This is not a get-rich-overnight scheme, so embrace the thought that it’s going to take some time to become successful. 

Plant seeds every day and don’t be afraid to ask people if they’re open to taking a look at what you do. If they’re not ready to buy yet or join the team, that’s okay. It’s a big decision and you want to be persistent but also patient with people and with your results. 

You might have heard us before: marry the process, divorce the result! 

The best tip we can give those who want to maximize their social media results: when someone likes your post or comments on your stuff, get in their inbox! Create conversations, create rapport, and build trust.

Always work with the algorithm. Facebook and Instagram are constantly paying attention. If you’re having conversations on Messenger with a prospect, Facebook will start sharing their posts and stories in your newsfeed. Take advantage and reach out:

“Thanks for following me/for the friend request, [name]. I appreciate it. How’d you come across my stuff/ how are you doing/ holding up these days/how’s the family/how’s your business doing?” 

Remember: Human first, marketer second.

This is how you convert likes and shares into sales! Which strategies are you already implementing? Let us know in the comments below. Try out our formula, keep showing up, and eventually, you’ll start seeing results.

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