Today I want to address a question that I receive on what seems to be a weekly basis:

“Hey Richard, what Network Marketing company do you think I should join?”

trend follower?
The fastest growing?
The one that promises to be the biggest?
The one that cuts me a deal?
The one with the best comp plan?
The one everyone I know is joining?

How long do you want to get paid?

      1. Would you use the products forever whether you got paid to promote them or not?
      2. Are the products going to be relevant in the marketplace for as long as you want to get paid?
      3. Who owns the company? Google them down ten pages and find credible reviews. Managment matters but ownership matters the most.  
      4. What is the company’s track record? Promises are nothing but marketing BS. 
      5. What exactly is the culture of the company? Can you describe it? Is it taught? Is it enforced? Do the leaders and owners practice it?
      6. Does the culture match your values
      7. What ARE your values? (most important things to you in life)
      8. Are you motivated to join by hype, promises, fear of missing out or peer pressure? (if so, PASS)

This morning I did a zoom with a group of top rank leaders that have been with their company between 38 and 48 years. Some of them were second and even third generation distributorship owners, meaning their parents and grandparents built the business.

Suck it Up Buttercup. Do your homework and make a good decision

Your LIFE depends on it not to mention your reputation, credibility, health, relationships, and credit score.

Over and out, 


P.S. Comment below! Tell me what you thought as you read this blog and watched the video. What questions do you have? 

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