Do you remember the brand that was popular quite a while back called, “NO FEAR”?

People wore No Fear shirts and had stickers on their cars…

I never had one of those shirts but it probably felt empowering to wear.

Over the years I’ve run across many people who’ve shared their goals of having no fear. Hell I’ve run across many people who’ve told me they already have no fear.

Sounds like a great place to live in, doesn’t it?

Here’s the problem…

It’s bullshit.

Everyone has fear. You do. I do. We all do.

If someone were to literally live with no fear, they would be psychotic.

The goal is to overcome the fears that hold us back. And listen, I’ve had plenty…

Years ago, I had major fears when it came to making prospecting calls, speaking in public, asking girls out, etc.

Best Way to Bodyslam Your Fear

If we can admit that we all have fears, rather than simply run from the fear, I’ll share with you one idea that has helped me…

Find a bigger fear to beat up the fear that holds you back

I was terribly afraid of calling people to present my network marketing opportunity. But my fear of living in helplessness and being average the rest of my life was another fear. So I decided to make the fear of living in helplessness more powerful and I used that fear to stomp out my fear of prospecting.

My fear of speaking in public was pretty damn big. But I decided to let my fear of being a coward punch my fear of public speaking in the face.

My fear of asking girls out and getting rejected was fairly big. But I let my fear of living in celibacy for the rest of my life bodyslam my fear of asking girls out.


You have something that’s holding you back. It’s almost always some type of fear.

Rather than ignore that fear… acknowledge it.

Then dig deep. Find a more empowering fear you can use to kick the disempowering fear’s ass.

And if you’d like to go deeper into becoming a zen master of using your mind to overcome your fears, become a powerful leader, and live your ultimate life…

Step through your fear of investing money in yourself and let me guide you towards stepping into your power.

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